Threadwatch Alternative Search Marketing Awards 2004


In respose to Search Engine Watch's announcement that they will be dishing out search marketing awards a member pm'd me suggesting Threadwatch host it's own alternative Search Marketing Awards. The member in question wishes to remain anonymous heh..

So far, the list of prospective categories runs like this:

  • Most Blatant Abuse of an Organisation for Self-Promotion
  • Most Successful SEO Working Only in Non-Competitive Areas
  • SEO Darwin Award for Self-Immolation
  • Most Blatantly Derivative SEO Site or Blog
  • Most Widely-Believed But Spurious Tinfoil-Hat Theory
  • Most Uninformative Presentation at a SE Conference

and a few of my own suggestions:

  • Longest avoidance of mt-blacklist
  • Most hyphenated domain name
  • Best "holier than thou" performance on a forum
  • Best disinformation spreading by a well known public figure
  • Strongest denial of the patently obvious

Please feel free to make a suggestions...

NB: Please dont post actual websites unless they are very well known - ie. no actual sites that are "spamming" please.. we dont do that here

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Peter wants in too... and has some very neat additional suggestions :-)


...that last bit could just h

...that last bit could just have put you on a list or two - LOL.

Damn, beat me to that quip.

-Harshest blackhat basher
-Most Whitehat Pride
-Most Blackhat Pride
-Best nickname
-Posts so much nobody can figure out how they have time to be successful (or even test any of what they're ranting about).

Hmm Jill...

...that last bit could just have put you on a list or two - LOL.

FWIW - I wouldn't mind if I were taken the p155 with, but I agree that some would. However, since most bloggers are really vain, I guess they would all love a bit of extra exposure. So there's a nice pool of easy "prize winners" ;-)

Funniest yes...

But many of those in the first post here will be funny to some and hurtful to others.

If you keep it to the really silly ones, then I'm sure you can have fun with it. I don't think we need to divide SEOs any further than they are already divided, and many of the ones you listed would only serve to do that.

Again, just my opinion. It really depends on what you are looking to create here. I like that there's a place where black hats and white hats can post together in harmony.

Everybody sing now...! Ebony and la la

concentrate on funniest...

best tinfoil hat theory, funniest spam and best sub-heading comment type stuff can't upset anyone surely?

How d'you mean negative...?

Awards are a fun thing aren't they? However silly.

Nick, you should pick a couple of odd ones, but I agree the most cynical awards should maybe be left to people's imaginations... (or make a PM version of those - hehe: count me in)

I wouldn't...

I think focusing on the negative won't do much to enhance the reputation of ThreadWatch. Just my opinion, of course.

(Ok so this post can win "Post that most threw a damper on a thread." ;)


Welcome to Threadwatch FN, do introduce yourself...

So, do you guys actually want to do this? If so, i will devise a list of the ones we could actually get away with and load up the poll module for this beast...

let me know..

blimey guvnor ..the most p

blimey guvnor

..the most pointless award is mine heheheh

How could these be left out?

Don't forget to include;

Dumbest question ever award
Lifetime non-achievement award


Peter of Searchengineblog has some neat additional suggesstions..


>Best "holier than thou" performance on a forum

Ah, thanks a lot for that Nick, my friend.

=== You mean like that? - hehe luckily I don't do that. (Wouldn't want that one added to my otherwise "Raspberry"-like award list...)

Why didn't you just say brownnosing: that's something we can translate literally and then get what it means... (But thanks anyway for handing me a new scrabble word)

How about

"most cringeworthy suck up to a SE rep on a forum?"

did we have that one already?



I wrote it, I don't understand it either.

Anyway I am as foreign as you get, I am Irish and live in Spain. I have to look up everything that is written here, and I still don't understand a word that anyone writes.


>> Need I remind you there are foreigners trying to read all this?

Dont worry wit, i dint understand it either :)

Wanna explain it to me? i cant even spell dictionry!



> Most obsequious forum post toadying up to the forum owner (god, they really annoy me)

Had to look this one up. Need I remind you there are foreigners trying to read all this? :-)

I'd like to add a couple of categories, but that would:
a) make me eligible to win some of the less-wanted awards already mentioned
b} make the list so long no-one would care to vote anyway.

I feel it's time for you to come up with a selection by now...

Search Engine Marketing Awards, Google AdSense Click Fraud, Keyw

SearchEngineWatch intends to create a search engine marketing awards program. Threadwatch wants to make an alternative search engine marketing award program. AdSense publisher rants on about how she can't encourage bogus clicks. A new free keyword difficulty checker is launched. The new SEO Legends T-shirt line has been created.

Cool idea...

Maybe I'll think of some better suggestions later...could be cool though since most of the awards are kinda corporate and haughty.

-Search tool provider of the year
-Least likely to wear a suit
-Most likely to go to work for a search engine
-Most likely to stuff the ballot with "vote for me/us e-mails"
-Blackhat of the year
-Whitehat of the year
-No hat of the year
-SE Rep of the year
-SEO Hippy of the year
-Most stupid award suggestions of the year :)

How about..

Most obsequious forum post toadying up to the forum owner (god, they really annoy me)

believe it or not I was think

believe it or not I was thinking of this very thing last night...

I also would like:
most condiscending post
best ability to steer threads off course
most creative and least obvious forum spam posting
least creative and most obvious forum spam posting
funniest post by an official type rep from a large company

I think winners or person who nominates them should get T shirts or other apparel with screen prints of the evidence. hopefully I do not win any of the awards ;)