Dec 16/2004: Yet Another Google BL Update

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Backlink update.
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Last Google backlink updates was Nov 25 so we are still having backlink updates about once a month which is the way it has been for at least the last 4 or more years.

Since the Toolbar PR update has gone to what it looks like every 3 months (we are at day 71 now) instead of at the same time as the BL update, the interest in BL updates is almost dead. Google only shows a sample of the backlinks so it makes the number of blacklinks shown almost meaningless.

Looks like it is going to be in the new year before we have another toolbar PR update. Even the interest in toolbar PR updates is falling. What is the world coming to : )



>>the interest in BL updates is almost dead

You're not wrong there bob :)


Judging by joyous forums posts around the globe they're not :-) Not as joyous as they used to be, but still enough interest to render a thread "hot" within hours...

depressingly dead

Yes, Nick even I get it right once in a while LOL!

Not here I hope...

Threadwatchers are a little above that silliness i would hope?

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