- JavaScript Exploit Embaressment


Earler today, when visiting, user's were being presented with a series of javascript dialog boxes that said things like "Fuck", and "hi to all you Diggers out there".


Digg Thread(s): (By the person who did the exploit, aparently)

The homepage exploit no longer seems to be working, but you can see this exploit still working and in action here: (currently redirect's users to

Some other points:
1) finding sites vulnerable to exploits like this and exploiting them to redirect a massive amount of traffic to is easy money
2) If your brand is disliked (AOL), regardless of if you offer people $1000/mo, people still ain't going to like you


Saw that on the day the new

Saw that on the day the new Netscape launched but decided to keep quite. As with all the others, they became aware of it and dealt with it quickly.



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