Please Donate to Help 2_Much With Medical Bills


Marcela DeVivo is due to give birth to her first child, a son named Nathan Dorje Andrew, any day.

Many of you may know Marcela from, where she used to moderate the Yahoo Search Forum under the nick of 2_Much. She has also written for but has mostly dropped out of the spotlight to run her own SEO business: where she specializes in SEO for the Hispanic market.

What should be the happiest day of her life, may turn out to be one of the most tragic. Her son, Nathan Dorje Andrew, was diagnosed with severe brain damage, and doctors said he may not survive.

The doctors say this is a rare event — something that happens only in 1 out of every 200,000 pregnancies.

Marcela is currently facing many medical bills due to all of this, and there will probably be many more.

I’ve opened a PayPal account in her name to collect donations for her to help with these expenses.

If you are able, please donate. If you are not able, Marcela asks for your prayers during this difficult time.

Thank you very much.


Fight disease, not symptoms

I decided to censor my diatribe against U.S. pharmaceutical NGOs via HTML comment. But is it any doubt that this could "only happen in America"?

The undisclosed but patently obvious core fact in this episode of human injustice is that this woman must be a citizen of the United States. In no other civilized, modernized country would medical bills to help save a baby be capable of ruining a family's financial standings.

I am an American who sees first-hand the injustice of the system. My medication is grown by genetically-altered bacterium; they grow it by the tub full at a cost of about $5 / gallon, seriously. Just add a food source, and voila, instant medication. This $5/gallon medication that takes mere hours to produce is sold to humans at the amazing rate of $50 / cc (cubic centimeter); yes, it costs me $200 a day and they sell this same stuff to farmers for $50 / *gallon* right down the street ($19 for a full year's supply for me...and you'd have to dilute it because cows take so much more than my 50 mg/cc).

The medicine industry in particular and health services in general do not help the Greater Good the most by being decentralized and unregulated! We need to get together every single disenfranchised person, every person who goes weeks with back injuries for fear of the costs, every one who has to quit their jobs and divorce their partners so that the Fed will classify them as indigent, just so they can afford their insulin... all these people need to stand up and form a solidarity. Just 200 people in a hospital vocally putting their feet down and saying Now is not the place to financially rape us; tax every one more if you have to, but don't take every thing from those for whom life is most on the edge for.

I see and hear injustices like this every time I go to County for them to experiment on me (condition of the free medication); our hospitals are as filthy as 3rd world airports, and it's because the people there have no hope. You wait in line 8 hours and for what? This probably is not the most optimal place to discuss these things, but let me ask you ...
When was the last time you discussed how chronically screwed up and victimising the U.S. healthcare system has become, with any one?

I certainly had no clue it was so bad until my life literally depended upon it. My doctor's first line of advise when he found out i needed this medication: Move to Europe. I have a better one: Just say no; and make a big scene. Corporations are scared more of bad exposure than losing an overpriced bill.


Cut the politics and just send her money.
They only posts we should see here are two words.
Donation made.

Donation made.

Donation made.

I am in tears! Nearly

I am in tears! Nearly $1,000 in less than 24 hours.

The generosity is amazing!

Best wishes Marcela!

Donation made.




Thank you for letting us know she needs help. I checked in with the staff at Cre8asiteforums as soon as I saw the post and it was a unanimous decision. I've moved $150 from our operating expenses over to Paypal. Once it clears, I'll send it on through. We also made an announcement to the entire Cre8asiteforums community, to let others know, who may wish to help. We're not only fellow forums folk and SEO folk, but people and parents too.

Our hearts reach out to you Marcela, to baby Nathan and your family.


Thank you, Kim, and to everyone who has donated.

I've sent Marcela the information so she can log in and verify the account -- that is tie her checking account to it -- so she can accept the gifts.

Marcela is a deeply spiritual person and is really trying to see all of this for the lessons it will teach her.

Here is part of an e-mail she recently sent me:

yes, the medical bills are expensive, and we have been told they will be very high.

I am going to deliver at UCLA and the baby will immediately be taken to the NICU (if he survives the delivery) so it is a difficult time. As you can imagine I haven't been working, so it's financially a stressful time, but I am just not thinking about that right now.

On another note, even if this has been a really tough, difficult time, I am trying to stay positive and open-hearted, I am trying to send the baby lots of love and blessings.

It has been a time when I am learning the value of life, and not to take it for granted, and to appreciate so many even though it is difficult, this time has been full of lessons, of which I am already very grateful.

So please pray for Nathan, he really needs all the karmic help he can get, so if you get a couple of minutes in your day, send some prayers and good wishes his way.


Hi everyone,

I am in tears at your generosity and support. It means a lot to me and our family, and it really shows a lot about this community.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I don't have words to express my gratitude for your help and support, both monetary and with your prayers.

It has been a very difficult time and the support and kindness of people is the only thing that is pushing us through. Thank you.

With deep appreciation,


Donation made.

Perhaps we can do something else given the community. Does she have a particular revenue generating project/site that could use some link love? Perhaps the unwashed masses here could help via a substantial linking campaign? Drop the URL and anchor text here and we can all drop her some links - even the folks that aren't able to contribute directly financially. I've got a few authority sites I'd be happy to drop some links into.

Donation made

Marcela, you are in my prayers. Hope the donations help during this difficult time.

I think the links idea is a

I think the links idea is a good thing...she is going to need money for much longer than the short term. She is going to send me the url to a site shortly.

Donation made

God Bless you and your family Marcela. You are in our prayers.

Hi everyone,

I took up the idea of the "link love" and made a little website for baby Nathan today.

Please could you send this to people in your circle of family and friends, we are trying to get as many people as possible praying for him.


$1860 in less than 24 hours

Thank you all!

We received donations of everywhere from $5 to $500 and everything in between.

I am overwhelmed by the graciousness of the community. Thank you all!

where I can mail in a check?

Hi Marcela,

Is there an address where I can mail in a check?

I can only imagine the strength and courage you and Owen must have to face the uncertainty of this difficulty time. Personally I find your composure admirable and inspirational, as a father of three I am sure I'd be a weeping mess under the same circumstance. I am not a very religious man, but my thoughts are with you and baby Nathan.

This is the address on her web site

I've had several requests to send checks. I have called Marcela to see if this is the correct address, but it is the one on her web site.
27201 Tourney Rd Suite 201Y
Valencia, CA 91355

keep it going guys

2 for 1!

posted it on linkbuildingblog, anyone else with an SEO-ish blog, maybe help it spread?

Matt now has a link

Matt has given this a much wider audience now - thanks Matt.

Just dugg it

My daughter was born a little more than a year ago, and I cant even imagine something like this happening. Best wishes from my entire family.

Here is the digg post if anyone is interested in further spreading the


Matt's blog just hit. We had several more donations.

Thank you. All of you!

Donation Made via Shoe


I just saw Shoemoney's

I just saw Shoemoney's campaign! Thank you, Shoe!

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