MSN's Revenue DECLINED from last year


Revenues at Microsoft's MSN declined year-over-year. How the ??? I don't understand this.. These guys dumped 1/4 of a billion dollars into their Ad Agency to promote

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in such a hugely growing space

that is truly pathetic!

...In other news, Gigablast's revenues went up 1000%!

The reason MSN is falling on it's face

I think there are several reasons MSN is falling on it's face.

1) MSN is counting too much on Vista to help them

2) MSN spent 1/4 of a Billon dollars on an Ad Agency rather than on getting better results. These dollars should of been allocated to a better search engine... not some random Ad Agency Plan.

3) MSN main page.. it freaking looks like Yahoo and AOL .. not Google ... the site is targed to the wrong market... it's all about Britney Spears and less about Business to Business.

4) Last but not least.. MSN needed a name change 1/2 a decade ago.. it's too close to Microsoft.. too close to some failed ISP that never took off..

Wasn't this expected?

They dropped overture/yahoo search marketing which had a much larger advertiser base meaning that more searches had money attached to them. It is good news for us because their PPC has not leveled out with the others wheich leaves lots of room for explotation at the moment.

They should drop the MSN brand.

IMHO, they should buy Yahoo and just drop the MSN brand...Combine a neutrally perceived brand like yahoo with the distribution power of the Vista/IE 7 search box they can clearly double their combined total search marketshare in 2-3 years.

Re: Dropping the MSN brand.

I agree 100%, the MSN name is used, abused and dead.

I wonder if 250MM could do anything for For some reason, I doubt it.

One day...

You think one day we will actually start to feel sorry for Microsoft? :)

You know the problem with

You know the problem with ?

First of all it takes forever to load up (compared to google).. then it has some of these weird unstandard 'features' like if you click on a result it opens in a new browser...

It's akin to using Microsoft Word, and doing file / save as html for your webdevelopment.

1/3 of a meg for the word "hello" in Bold as compared to 3 lines of code in html

Code Bloat to the extreme... they should save their nifty features for something other than search.

what does MSN offer ?

They did well when the new user was forced to land there when a machine first started. The MSN butterfly is on all the XP machines. The content is so broad that it may be meaningless.

I have seen a few machines here and there that use it as their homepage but does anyone go there for news ?

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