Matt Cutts, Google Renegade Engineer, Offers Up Indie SEO Forum




...that forum could do with some SE-friendliness

Matt would've known that, LOL

Its a playpen

for the Cutletts. They'll be demanding a MattyCam soon so they'll know his every move outside of the plex.

fan worship or stalkers?

fan worship or stalkers?


Smells like linkbait.

Love the idea of a mattycam Kirby. Next they'll be dumpster diving and selling Matts lunch leftovers - Bacon Polenta mashups....


If I was him I would be worried.


The poor man's name is so close to "cult" it was bound to happen. I wonder if they're expecting him to hang out there.

"The poor man's"

You could call Matt many things, but "poor" is not one of them. I understand that his nett worth is just over twice the nett worth of all TW readers combined.


Reminded me of the evolution of the chicken cutlet.

Interesting. DBP on the

Interesting. DBP on the Whois - anyone taking bets on whether this gets a manual penalty?

Matt is a genuinely a good

Matt is a genuinely a good guy. I applaud his effort.

I don't ask him for help unless I'm really desperate on an issue, and he's always helped me out. And he doesn't know me from Adam.

< added >
He may be doing this just to cut back on his emails every day. Can't blame him for that.

Wonder if he'll get links from WmW?

Sheesh, Cuttlets in a forum

Sheesh, Cuttlets in a forum discussing what they were discussing on Matt's blog?

Anyway we can lock 'em there for good?


That's next, no SES or PubCon, they'll just skip all the other noise and have a MattCon directly and spend a few days listening to Matt.

"Follow the Gourd! No, let

"Follow the Gourd!"

"No, let us gather shoes together!"

John Cleese could make this into a high tech remake of the "Life of Brian".

MattCon --probably without Matt

>have a MattCon directly and spend a few days listening to Matt

And that will be just fine. I'll even send a contribution to the organizer.

have a MattCon

hmmm - then we'll have them in all in one place.....the possibilities are endless....

rc is

rc is taken.
"For resources and information on Learning online and Employee theft "


One of the forums sections..

Where is Matt now?
Let's keep track of Matt

Surprised they haven't integrated it w/ GPS and Google Maps.

I wonder when MC...

...will be injected with a tracking microchip (by one of those groupies). Won't take long, I'm sure....

Hmmm, they'd prolly pay him $$$$ to get him to tag himself. Got for it Matt, ride the wave LOL!

come on Matt. Get into the

come on Matt. Get into the web 2.0 spirit. tagging, etc.

you could get huge plublicity for Google while building up your forums :)

"injected with a tracking

"injected with a tracking microchip"

Looks like a Cuttlet has already inquired:

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