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Best Directory script
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If like me, you've ever spent time searching for a good spiderable directory script you'll know it's total pain in the arse. You will have to wade through the chatter in this thread but there are some good links, good suggestions and decent commentary on the various scripts available to SEO's.

Member nandini starts out with these requirements:

1. Multi-level category system
2. Search engine friendly pages. Can generate plain HTML or atleast staic URL pages .
3. Apache search engine friendly URL rewriting. No .php extensions catgories should be like "directory.com/travel" like DMOZ listing.
4. Integration with Paypal or 2checkout. (although not a very important point)
5. A good control panel (This is one thing, on ething which is common in all scripts).
6. Cross-references.
7. No tracking of clicks on links. like which is done in Sezza.com . All link should be static in nature.
8. Not too expensive

Personally? - Gossamer, great script, bit pricey, but great.

Sidenote: I do hope that's her real pic, cute eh?


I'd add a lot more to this

But mainly 'No Footprint'

Editable Templates

Dont know about most but gossamer is easy to erase the footprints on...

Spelling Mistake

The member's name is Nandini :-)


I forgot to mention nicecoder (previously indexu) Pretty good one.
A Lil bit of Modification and u get what u want.

Searching for the complete directory script

In my search for the complete script, could find one, so I had developed one. Right now its under testing.

Has all features of good spiderable directory, just left out cross reference part, since it was adding too many links on one page, which was not looking very good.

Will be launching it on 15th Oct.
Would have been able to complete it before hadn`t got injured.
Anyway guys, I hope webmasters will enjoy it, even before it gets a decent PR:)


Would you let us know where to find it when you launch nandini? - Spelling error fixed, thanks!

And welcome to Threadwatch both of you ;-)

Thanks Nick

Hi Nick..

I don`t want you to see unfinished work..
Programming is all finished. Just working on the layout and logo.
Will post you a URL on 15th OCT.

Thanks for showing interset.

Launch of the Directory Finally

Hey Guys!..
So finally was able to launch the directory on 15th itself.
Wanted to announce it on 15th only...

but lost the password..
So here is the url WebAtlas.org
Tel me how do you find it?
And don`t forget to submit your sites...

Thanks nandini!

Looks great ;-)

Top work, hope it's a big hit....


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