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Interest in gadgets seems to have waned recently, but I am still a gadgets man. How about this one. Anyone who has used it have any views on the iRiver U10 . Good, bad, indifferent??

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PC Review

The iriver U10 represents a leap forward in design—or at least a good attempt at one. It's a flash-based audio player that can also play video on its 2.2-inch LCD screen, albeit with some format restrictions.

CNet Review

The good: Wonderfully sleek and stylish design; unique and intuitive interface; supports OGG files and subscription content; includes FM radio, voice recorder, alarm clock, and SRS Wow sound effects; photo, video, and text viewing; great battery life.

The bad: Expensive; maximum capacity is 1GB; no autoplay; no album art; useful cradle is sold separately.

The bottom line: The pricey iRiver U10 is a superbly designed MP3 player that is both easy to use and packed with pretty much every feature in the book. But Apple won't be quaking in its boots until iRiver ups its capacity to 2GB and 4GB.


It's nothing special.

It's nothing special.

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