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Following a SEW lead from I ended up with Randfish's SEO Page Strength Tool

The tool estimates using criteria from humans ( tags, Alexa Rank, mentions at Wikipedia, etc.) and machine-assembled data (like pages indexed, internal link percent and even PageRank itself). It is by no means perfect or entirely accurate, but it is a significant upgrade from Google's often inaccurate and infrequently updated PageRank score (and it's fun to use).

Out of idle curiosity I fed in and discovered the page strength as measured by the tool, and that Threadwatch

The sort of results are results like this for TW. It says the score is 7 out of 10 and

You're running with the big brands and sites, making content that engines and visitors can't help but gobble up. All that's left now is to leverage your power and push ever onwards, towards utter ubiquity.

Given TW readers love of gadgets, any views from readers on its usefulness ?


The info it returns is interesting

The info about a page that it returns is interesting. However, it counted a Sponsored Link in Google as one of the positions when assessing keyword ranking on one of my pages that I tested.

It really shouldn't count Sponsored Links when assessing keyword ranking.

Otherwise, it's an interesting tool.

I'm a bit like SootleDir, though -- I'm not thinking this is terribly useful in analyzing pages. Seems overly dependent upon Yahoo data, and it doesn't take into account all the various factors that the top engines use in assessing the relavancy/ranking of a page.

So, it's an interesting curiosity, but not very helpful.

RadFish - Awesome!

Dude, I'm loving my new moniker :)
The tool is geared towards two groups - for savvy SEOs/marketers, it's really more about the data then the score. If you want to see a lot of info quickly about a site/page you're surfing, that browser bookmark button is pretty cool.

For the less "deep-into-the-industry" folks, the score is a relatively good way to compare one site/page against another. As long as the sources are returning solid data, it's a good alternate to PageRank.


Good tool rad ;)

Nice tool

I ran it and it reported a Page Strength 9! I posted the chicklet thingy on my blog post for all to see "How Big is Randfish’s Tool?"


(it looks like July 2006 will mark the death of toolbar Page Rank)

i had a lot of fun with it

i had a lot of fun with it for 30 minutes but i felt like the attempt to put everything on a scale of 1 to 10 was f'd up. i prefer my internal tool that comes up with a tony score.

It's usefull ...

It's usefull ...

Can we use this tool to buy and sell links?

I've started a bit of a crusade in the Link Sales forum at Digital Point to use the SEOmoz tool to value links better for those people who buy & sell links.

tut, tut

You shouldn't have done that, mad4! Now it's taken the server down!

Looks all Web v2.0ish but it

Looks all Web v2.0ish but it appears to work pretty darn well, thanks Rand.

I've started a bit of a

I've started a bit of a crusade in the Link Sales forum at Digital Point

Stop bragging with it :D

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