EU to slap Microsoft with New Fines


European regulators are poised to slap huge new fines on Microsoft as Brussels loses its patience with the US software maker for defying a 2004 EU antitrust ruling.

Frustrated that Microsoft has flaunted the ruling for more than two years, EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes warned last week that new daily fines were all but inevitable.

Fed up with Microsoft's defiance, EU regulators to slap new fines


Oh brother

Meanwhile, Microsoft's rivals are blase about the prospect of new fines and a source at one of them said "what we want is accurate information" to develop competing products.

Didn't Goofey sing the song "The world owes me a living".


Microsoft has been fined 280.5m euros ($357m; £194m) by the European Commission for failing to comply with an anti-competition ruling.

It's about time someonne

It's about time someonne played hardball with ms. The ruling against them in the US was a joke and actually allowed them to expand their reach by offering "free computers and software to schools".

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