Why even bother then AOL?


AOL is looking at offering its services, including email, for free to customers with a broadband Internet connection, according to a news report.

Under the plan, AOL would stop charging subscription fees to customers who buy Internet service from another provider, the Wall Street Journal said.

Subscribers with AOL dial-up service would continue to pay subscriptions.

The plan comes as AOL looks for ways to counter a decline in subscribers.

article from telecomasia.net
ny times article

-- My only question is why have subscribers if they aren't paying anyways? If you are gonna give it to them for free, then when do you start trying to get them to give you money, or is it just about numbers so your advertisers/investors aren't jumping boat on you either? That $9.99 they charge for ppl who already have another ISP is alot of cash to throw away... my Mom does that for some reason, guess she can save money now :) .


Yeah, I wondered the same thing of AOL...

...and AOL broadband users.

Seems like they could milk that money from their "ignorant" users (our moms) for some time.

I think they want to open up all their private content for advertising and traffic reasons.


AOL has to do something or

AOL has to do something or they will die a slow and long death.

Btw - there are rumours that AOL will sell its European ISP business to concentrate on their portals.


This was something they should have done about 2 years ago.

Old News

This was debated elsewhere last week.

Should be less noise AND less OLD signal...

in your honor, Bill

Old News..This was debated elsewhere last week...Should be less noise AND less OLD signal...

I've posted "SEO SECRET" No. 2 is in your honor, Bill.

Ha ha

Pull my finger if you want my response...

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