The Register : Google is a cult compared to Enron


Is Google a cult, or is Google a corporation? Full Story The Register continues to use such colorful statements such as 'cult-like mentality' and then continues to compared Google to Enron.


Sadly pieces like that add

Sadly pieces like that add little to the debate. Instead it make those of us who feel that Google is less than good for the planet look like a bunch of loonies.

Google was a good thing

GOOG was good back in the day; now we just need to wait for the next evolution to replace it. More distributed, with more regard to dividing up the commons for the benefit of all; e.g. easier for any and every site to end up some where on the visible first page to some degree or another. Seperate entities handle contextual advertising and the selling of adspace; swapping monies much like telecoms do bandwidth. Etc.

GOOG went evil right around the time they bought the 767. No, seriously.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid!

Those poor people at Google have obviously been brainwashed!

The manipulative, mind-control, influences exerted by the charismatic leaders of Google, (Larry & Sergey) are simply too overwhelming for the poor, week minded fools they employ.

We must intervene or deprogram them at once and save them from themselves! Hopefully those poor software engineers can break free, regain freedom of thought and live normal lives again.

Cult my ass

People don't go to work because of the "cult". They go to work there because of the huge money they can make.

Read Built to Last

For Google to develop a cult-like personality around the concepts and Big Hairy Audacious Goals is actually a good thing, so long as it isn't a cult around the founders, but the businss and business goals. "Built To Last" explained this rather well and is a good read for people interested in long-term viability of businesses.


Reminds me of the 90's

Remember when the permatemp at Microsoft touted themselves as a Microsoft employee when they were a tier 4 support tech with maybe a high school education and a script to read. I'm sure the stock options and prestige (the perceived & imaginary) prevail in Googs' culture and Goog uses that big time internally.
I find it interesting that when they went IPO that there were so many celebrities etc wanting to invest. I suspect the dynamic duo had some real high level connections that they never disclosed which helped Goog become what it is. The simple explanation that Goog has a clean interface just doesn't add up.

they all fall when the

they all fall when the weight of their enterprise becomes too much for them to bear

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