New Yahoo! PPC Details


Yahoo! is milking the opportunity to slowly announce the details of their new ad system. eWhisper reviewed some of them at WMW.

One of the more interesting things is that while they will factor in a quality score in their ranking algorithms they still intend to show competing bid prices.


Talking to Someone Yesterday...

From Yahoo who said that basically Yahoo is just trying to mimick Google.

So what else is new. :)

Article is.....

behind a paid membership.

keeping ad prices visible is

keeping ad prices visible is a big deal for those in the arbitrage and publishing arenas.

List of features also

List of features also here: (yeah - it's self promo / my blog, but it's the complete info about the new features).

Transparency is Yahoo's word right now. It's not just about having a quality score, it's about having one and letting people know where they stand within it.

Should be interesting to see how their ideas turn into programming.

With G apparently shooting

With G apparently shooting itself in the foot again transparency is a perfect marketing tactic for Y!.

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