Ebay says no to Google Checkout

Payment Services not permitted on eBay: AlertPay.com, anypay.com, AuctionChex.com, AuctionPix.com, BillPay.ie, ecount.com, cardserviceinternational.com, CCAvenue, ecount, e-gold, eHotPay.com, ePassporte.com, EuroGiro, FastCash.com, Google Checkout,

Some solutions are really simple. It's their party they can ban if they want to.

Ebay Accepted Payments Policy


Yeah, maybe Google should

Yeah, maybe Google should remove them from their index (though they wouldn't, Google plays fair and this is why they own), I am really tired of seeing eBay up there in the SERPS.

Note to Google: This weekend I was looking for information on a 25 foot Luhrs fishing boat and what I found was old listings from eBay that no longer exist, those should go supplemental.

Note to Google: You can be

Note to Google:

You can be 100% sure that 5 dudes just noted your feedback and until 2098, they promise to fix it.


It's bullocks... Google should build an auction now. Trust me I am not a fan of Google 'taking over the planet' but I am really not a fan of being anti-competitive..

Ebay in the online auction business is near monopoly status.

It would be great if google built an auction system just to throw in a monkey wrench.

Rule 1: You build a good product
Rule 2: You don't block innovation
Rule 3: You IMPROVE your product to keep market share, not use draconian business practices to try to keep out possibly better products.

eBay, like Microsoft, hasn't

eBay, like Microsoft, hasn't innovated in a long time.

This move is not really surprising. Could you imagine them letting Google eat at their own margins in their own back yard?

You're Right it's not surprising

It's not surprising... but it's bullocks non-the-less.


Just for the record it's

Just for the record it's bOllocks not bullocks though it is sometimes spelt with an X. :D

I knew there was something

I knew there was something suspicious 2 posts up...thanks for keeping TW clean Jason

It's a smart move on E-bay's

It's a smart move on E-bay's part.

They simply CANNOT allow google's checkout system to gain a hold. I don't even know, can you use paypal on Amazon? If eBay were smart, they'd enable paypal on Amazon.

Don't think I have ever used

Don't think I have ever used the word "bullocks".

a store at the mall ...

This would be like a mall owner telling a tenant that they can accept Mastercard but not Visa for purchases in the tenant's store.

A seller is just as much an independent vendor as the tenant would be in a mall.

A seller is just as much an

A seller is just as much an independent vendor as the tenant would be in a mall.

Big difference in the initial layout for the transaction opportunity IMHO. Most items on eBay don't require a 6 month lease and x thousand dollars a month for the opportunity to list.

Don't think I have ever used the word "bullocks".

Likely because it is poor form. See above

Must be a UK thing that I do

Must be a UK thing that I do not have time for sorry.


Google should just escalate...

Sites not permitted in Google's index or AdWords: eBay, Paypal

@ Anglophilebuzzbox, both bullocks and bollocks are both real words so consult your local copy of the dictionary for clarification on usage ;)

I would rank them for their

I would rank them for searches containing their core terms and nothing else (if I were to retaliate).

Another angle

to consider would be the cart icon showing up in Adwords results. Why should anyone be forced to piggyback google branding on their ads, the cart icon should be opt-in, or maybe G$$G could offer money back to the advertiser for co-branding.

rent rates ...

respectfully, rent rates have nothing to do with the status of the relationship. the auctioning seller is still an independent vendor, and ebay goes to great lengths to point this out in the terms of service in order to avoid liability.

put it this way, is a person less married because there was no dowry, or it was insufficient?

this provision is nothing more than a manisfestation of BUSINESS 2.0, which of course is still in perpetual beta.

the comparable case is the past attempt of MS to limit the installation of other browsers on OEM machines. i think they got bitch slapped for that one. or at least spent a great deal of resources during the ensuing court case.

Bollocks are testicles,

Bollocks are testicles, unless they are top bollocks in which case they are tits whereas bullocks are young bulls which indeed don't have bollox (accepted alternative spelling for bollocks) although they are sometimes known as steers. There are times though that a bull that hasn't been converted to a bullock, which means he retains his bollocks is known simply as lucky :)

Ahh yes Ebay and Google payment processing thing. That's what this thread was about wasn't it :)


Those English.. they have a different word for everything!

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