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Not sure what Matt would think of this use of NoFollow, but isn't it pretty scummy for to use NoFollow on almost all of their outbound links?

If you don't trust the content of a site then why link at it at all? To list it on your own site and then put nofollow on it is to say that you don't trust your own content. Which is especially stupid. And perhaps the quickest way to become irrelevant, if you are an editorial listing company.

How valuable can their content be if they don't even trust it themselves? Unsubscribed (x3).

Via Peter and Debra

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Odd though - several of the

Odd though - several of the entries in the listings I have looked at don't have the no-follow. It’s not being applied to everyone there.

results here

I had wondered if this tag would eventually be made into a listing option. Everything on the net gets capitalised on eventually, why not 'no-follow' free listings?

If you find that scummy, how about...

They are't using NoFollow, but a way more interesting approach

now that's scummy if you ask me...

Turn Around Fair Play?

Maybe people linking to them should all use the nofollow tag as well...

One less directory listing

Used to be a nice one...down to about five now.

If they're that concerned with quality...why not enforce more restrictive editorial policy.

What a load of crap. I wonder if the 75+% of us who only bought the listings for linkpop rather than the 12 clicks per year can ask for a refund?

Only Non-Paid

It appears that the no-follow is only on non-paid links. All the ones that have the four extra links that allows are not using nofollow (at least that I saw).

just another

caualty of screwball FUD by the folks at G$$G, can't blame those who submitted to the borg.

Give a shout-out to the Plex! Matt Cutts screwed up that tag when he "enhanced" the purpose of it.

You're right...paid listings still getting link love...

...and probably more of it with less outbound links on a page.

Could actually be a good thing...only give juice to paying subscribers...

Thanks for reminding me to check out a story before making assumptions:)

So quality links are no-follow?

So the link they add for free and probably more relevant and of higher quality are no-follow and the ones that are paid are regular?

I wonder how that fits into Matt´s policys?

On a related note...

Anybody know how to modify a bookmarklet that counts outbound links on a page to only count outbounds that DO NOT include rel=nofollow ? Could be kinda handy;)

All the ones that have the

All the ones that have the four extra links that allows are not using nofollow

Found one that has three extra links and the no-follow though?

If it is a case of nofollow for cash, I can't blame them. How many of us are now considering buying links there at the moment?

Really the reasoning doesn't

Really the reasoning doesn't matter that much.

I just think it muddies their credibility. Alot.

Do the links

Do the links even transfer PR ?

>I wonder how that fits into Matt´s policys?

No need to wonder about it, Matt has been quite clear that paid links should get the nofollow.

>Do the links even transfer PR ?

Probably not for long.

Could actually be a good

Could actually be a good thing...only give juice to paying subscribers...

Instead of a short term SEO optimistic approach, think of it from a longer term search engineer approach. Oh, the only links they left live were the low quality ones. Nuked. Next.

Aaron's right...

it does muddy their credibility.

stuntdbl, if they only give juice to paying subscribers, it might lead to losing their "voting power" in transfering PR.

Google and others do not like pay-for-link schemes.


Point taken. At least they haven't *yet* screwed all of their paying subscribers.

...and we have one more good example of how policies that weren't thought completely through effect the whole web.


Prolly sounded like a good idea at a meeting...hehe

three's and fours

That page has a four with a nofollow as well, and some withno mini's and no nofollow. I wonder what the listing renewal grace period is :-)

Actually the untouched

Actually the untouched 2/3/4's on there aren't direct links, they are all going through their redirection page. Looks like the paid ones are OK.

So technically,

So technically, is using the no-follow BACKWARDS. Its the paid links that should have the no follow (according to Google) and the unpaid ones are the real votes for credibility.

But from's standpoint the paid links are the ones that have been fully vetted and therefore "approved". It's the non-paid ones that they don't have much trust in (or no trust in those who add the non-paid links)

Classic case of the law of unintended consequences in effect. God Bless the no-follow! - Use of "No Follow" Tags Explained

There seems to be some confusion and misunderstanding on how and why applies "no follow" tags within our site.

Assuring accuracy and relevance of link resources in our directory is a very important part of pointing our users to the right direction. In order to address some of the questions raised around “no follow” tags, I’ve put together an overview on how the “no follow” tag is being used at

Featured Listings Clients (Pay-per-click)
• Featured Listing clients advertise on under a pay-per-click advertising model.
• We strive to deliver them the most qualified traffic.
• These clients DO carry “no follow” tags as one of many methods we use to screen out unqualified search engine bot clicks on our client’s pay-per-click listings.

Directory Inclusion
• New listings submitted for inclusion in our general directory area are reviewed for accuracy and relevance to specific categories in our directory.
• Upon editorial approval, these listings are admitted into the directory and matched to the appropriate categories by our staff. Directory Inclusion clients are charged $199 per year for listings included in the general directory.
• These listings DO NOT utilize “no follow” tags as they have met our rigorous editorial review guidelines and they are not charged on a pay-per-click basis by

Web Listings / Editorial Links
We have thousands of editorial links to online resources in our general directory. These resources have been added over time by our editorial staff because they were considered to be valuable resources in specific subject matters. Checking them for relevance and accuracy is an ongoing process. Editorial listings that have recently been reviewed and approved DO NOT have a “no follow” tag, while those awaiting renewed editorial approval DO have a “no follow” tag.

Lane Soelberg

Doesn't Surprise Me a Bit...

I think their credibility was shot when they starting selling Yahoo Paid Inclusion traffic to their subscribers with profit built in for them and not disclosing it. I think they started doing that a couple of years ago? Charging advertisers for CTR with premium attached that were actually being run through Yahoo's Search Submit program.

So to add nofollow to editorial listings but not to paid doesn't surprise me a bit.

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