Marissa Mayer discusses Sex - Madonna - Apples


"Apple Computer, Madonna…Nobody remembers the Sex Book or the Newton." Full Story


Hmm that just about sums up.. thoughts about websites.

Launch many and often and hope that some of them make some money!


Marissa Mayer...likes to “launch products early and often” and believes: That has become my mantra…Apple Computer, Madonna…Nobody remembers the Sex Book or the Newton. Consumers remember your average over time. ...While Mayer’s media spin on Google’s strategy of regularly releasing new products and services as “betas” and “limited tests” and “lab projects” is to characterize the company as “fearless,”...

Right on. But is it characterizing Google as "fearless" or is it branding Google among technologists as a market opportunist unable to dominate in anything but search, and on Wall Street as a distracted company driven by Ph.D's who, perhaps out of boredom, insert dozens of unnecessary cost centers into an otherwise cash-rich monopoly?

Some things take time

I've had some ideas that I put on the table a few years ago that are just now starting to work. I'm glad I started them. It took a while to determine all the details needed for success, and a lot of reworking and rewriting. An English professor once told me the secret to good writing is in rewriting. Maybe some of the ideas won't work, but as long as Google doesn't get too disorganized, or doesn't lose focus on search, I think they are doing a good thing.

Think Legos.

Think Legos.

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