Nick Denton Shorting Blogs


Nick Denton recently announced that he is selling a couple blogs and laying off some employees.

The NYT interviewed him. From the article:

He thinks all of the bluster around blogs, fueled in part by AOL's purchase of Weblogs, has brought stupid money off the sidelines. He has felt the touch of clammy hands from venture capitalists more times than he would care to count. ... "The barrier to entry in Internet media is low," he said. "The barrier to success is high."

Is the blog bubble about to burst?

from ProBlogger


Damn .. What traffic ...

Damn .. What traffic ...

You know its bad

when you can't even get STUPID money from your blog. Where is all that stupid money anyway?


And the Internet is a fad ;)

Why are their page views so

Why are their page views so close in number to the number of visits?

those blogs have the

those blogs have the authority to rank where they may not belong (ie: for general terms that they just have a random post about), thus many people are in and out from search in one page.

Most blogs do

Most blogs average out at 1.x page views per visit, it's just the nature of most blogs that you can consume all the latest posts by looking at the homepage. Only those with snippets rather than full content get click through to deeper pages. For every visitor that goes deep into your archive you will have a few that hit the homepage only or read your site via RSS and only rarely click to the actual site. I find by showing "related posts" or interlinking in my posts I can get the average up a bit.

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