Google gets more sinister today


Yet another layout today. GoogleNav goes to the left side:


it just looks unbalanced and

it just looks unbalanced and sloppy being on the home page like that

I agree

yeah, it looks pretty out of place there. The other night I had the worst serps I have ever seen (from a PPC standpoint). It was 2-3 ads on the top and 4 on the bottom. No ads on the side... pretty brutal if you do not have the budget to be in the top 3.

I can confirm that werty

She who must be obeyed just told me she'd seen that here in Australia (not last Friday

Not yet present in Europe.

Not yet present in Europe.

GoogleNav goes to the left side

Why is that sinister?

Word play

"Sinistre" is a French word meaning "to the left," or something close to that.

Geeky poets play on it all the time.


the English word "sinister" comes from Latin and it originally meant "left" but took on meanings of 'evil, unlucky' by the Classical Latin era.


That's quite ugly.

Trying something new

While I'm not sure if I like it either, I think it is good to keep experimenting with new things, as long as they are surveying users to see what works best (and you can bet they are!).

Haha. Democratic Google homepage design.

You guyz crack me up. Even though Google might be interested in what people think of the G homepage, I doubt they see SEOs and other web geeks as "people" LOL

this has appeared before

this has been reported from time to time for a while now. (there was a discussion on webmaster world.) g seems to be presenting it very selectively. since it is neither attractive nor very functional (except maybe for making the web links a little more prominent), i have to think it is being tested in preparation for some new content to be added later.

I'll say one thing for it:

I'll say one thing for it: you notice the tab options.

Hi MC. Welcome 'home' on TW

But I didn't know the Submit story | tab was part of the Google homepage. Impressive.

PS: a proper spammer would have posted a screenshot with a mysterious third tab, showing only a URL for a title :#


But I didn't know the Submit story | tab was part of the Google homepage. Impressive....a proper spammer would have posted a screenshot with a mysterious third tab, showing only a URL for a title

A proper SEO would have consciously selected what to show (if anything) in a screen shot post... and either engage the agenda of the day (link drop hee hee) or simply pass with a "" tab. Good manners and all.

Doesn't it bear a striking resemblance

to the UI deployed by this year?

I see quite a lot of this moving of UI features around on the homepage thing where I work as well, and where I work it's partly motivated by a desire of the Marketing folx to drive more users/traffic into other, less-visited sections of the site.

I think that businesses in general lose a tiny bit of focus when they start trying to push users into sections they're disinterested in. The majority of people who go to the Google homepage are doing so to perform a websearch. It's certainly possible to rearrange everything to make other sections/features more attention-getting, but, to what purpose? If you're lucky, the user will be curious and click on one of the other features and learn about it for future use. If you're not lucky, they'll just ignore it or become irritated at the rearrangement or distraction from their main reason for coming.

It's clear that users want primarily a single, central search field from which they can search for anything and get back exactly what they want.

The search engines have been improving on delivering the specialized types of searches into their main SERPs. If they continue to fold things effectively into the primary search results, it directly fulfills the users' needs without creating the bad approach of trying to lure users into things they're disinterested in.

Just my 2 cents.

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