Still no sign of Nick W jnr...

It's Ivana's due date today and it's 1:30am and she' snoring soundly heh.. no sign yet dammit, the inconsiderate little git.. takes after his/her dad already :)


Thanks all

Thread continues here..

Nice one!

Congrats mate!

She's already passed you then!

> If you look closely at the photo of her and me, you might see she's actually wearing a little black hat :)

I see YOU are only wearing your usual elephant-grey hat...

Wonder what she'll be wearing as soon as she starts optimising your sites: infra-black hats?

Get some rest man, and let this thread grow some more. Rely on the watchful members to add some more stuff to Threadwatch; keep it alive and screaming so to speak :-)

WooHOO! Congrats Nick!

Life will never be the same now that Robyn is here (at least, that's what my friends tell me).

Congrats, man. :)


Welcome to parenthood Nick and Ivana! One tip for Ivana, keep on her schedule at first, sleep when she sleeps -- otherwise you will not sleep much.


Wonderful! Hoping to see some more photos soon... give Ivana a big hug for me! :-)

(Poor kid, probably going to get stuck with those 'combination' Xmas/Bday presents for the rest of her life... hehe)

Congratulations Nick and Ivana

Great news, all the best to all three of you.

Awesome news, Nick!

Great news, nice pics, and yep, you're not gonig to be sleeping for a while.

Four years ago now, I had my first, and my younger one (2 & 1/2) still keeps me up. I keep thinking, someday, I'll be able to sleep again, but it hasn't happeend. yet.


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She's Beautiful!

Congrats, to you both! Welcome to the world, Robyn.

Aren't babies amazing? :-)



You two look like you could use some sleep, welcome to parenthood!

Robyn - Happy Birth :-)

Congratulations mate

Congratulations mate :)

Thanks everyone

Robyn is hiccuping in a bed-thing on my desk right now :)

>curl libraries

If you look closely at the photo of her and me, you might see she's actually wearing a little black hat :)

Wow.. never been so tired or happy heh..

Awwww bless!!

Many many congrats Nick, she's a little sweety.
Have you started her reading up on the curl libraries yet?

Here's to a full and happy life for Robyn and her proud Mum and Dad.

Awesome News!

Congratulations and much happiness to you, Ivana and Nick. Welcome aboard, Robyn.


Many congratulations Nick and Ivana!

Great Stuff

Well done guys! Many congratulations - best wishes for the future - remember Threadwatch though! ;-)

Congrats Dude

Ivana and Nick, enjoy now they go up so quick and then steal your computer time ;)



Congratulations Ivana and Nick. Robyn sure was worth the wait, she already has more hair than you Nick :)


Best wishes to you all! Enjoy every moment.

Many Congratulations

Best Wishes and many congratulations to you Nick and Ivana, and Welcome to the World, Robyn!


I'll delurk...

I'll delurk for this! Congratulations Nick, Ivana and hello there Robyn :)

More congratulations ...

Auguri! to you both, and glad to see she's sporting a white hood.


Congrats you two! :)

>Say goodbye to sleep

Don't believe everything you hear. If she's a cutie as mine, she sleep through most of the night and give ya smile once to go with it :)

We'll keep an eye on TW for you mate.


All the best to the young family! :)


Words cannot even express what I am thinking. Best wishes to you, Ivana and Robyn :)

Welcome to plant earth Robyn

Congratulation Ivana nick and baby Robyn, best wishes and good luck to all of you

PS>Hey nick all the best dad's have a girl first, i think its some thing to do with what's in your jeans!! something like that

say goobye to sleep

congrats Nick and Ivana

she's a little cutie

more congrats

to you both - and welcome to the world Robyn


Congrats Nick and Ivana, what a wee cutie. Enjoy!

(Of course you do realise this menas you will have to become responsible now...)


Congratulations to you both!

Congratulations to you both!

Happy days! :)


...and here you thought computing takes away your night's rest...

Congratulations Nick, and Ivana.

P.S> Don't turn her into a little brat :-)


Way to go Mr. and Mrs. NickW and baby Robyn!


Many Congrats

Many Congrats to you and your wife Nick. Cheers to a life of health and happiness for Robyn. No worries... we'll help hold the place down while your occupied with your new little bundle of joy. Great news.

Now the work begins!

Good luck Nick and Ivana! Congratulations.


I may find it a bit tough to keep up the great momentum we've been seeing at TW in the last few weeks, i'd really, really appreciated a hand if anyone can find a little time to scout out some "good stuff" :)

thanks everyone, see you when i can...

One 24hr period im happy is over...

and happy to have a daughter called Robyn, who was (finally) born at 11:35pm on 12th Dec 2004 - Mrs Nick W went through more trials, pain and difficulties than i could possibly have imagened but the end result is a perfect little girl and two very exhauseted parents :)

little spammer

Above, happy Ivana with baby Robyn and below, a haggard Nick W at home at 4am - about to go to bed (i hope)

blackhat girl in the making

I'll bet ya it's girl :)

Hehe, so what's the deal Nick. Can we call you Daddy-o yet?

My 3 months old baby girl can't wait to hear the news from out in the middle of nowhere in Denmark and she wants pics too ya know :)


Good luck Nick and Ivana! I hear you can speed up the labor process by yelling Eng-er-land! loudly and repeatedly in the delivery room, if it's a boy they usually respond. ;)

no they don't

ps. girls keep their bedroom tidy

No way, not mine!

Good luck Nick! Didn't know you were doing a home birth, how cool.

im keener on a girl

not long to go now and good luck to both Ivana and yourself

ps. girls keep their bedroom tidy


Apparently Ivana has had mild contractions all night, we are off to the hospital for an examination to make sure all is okay and that we can have the birth at home as planned...

The dogs hope it's a boy... im keener on a girl...


Good luck Nick and Ivana! You'll be having that baby soon at least then.

Keep us posted! :)

*maybe* it's gonna be soon now...

Just got into bed and Ivanas water broke...

Apparently that doesn't necessarily mean contractions will start now but it's one step closer...

My son was a week late! I gue

My son was a week late! I guess he liked it where he was at the time...:)

These things cant be rushed, unless of course you opt for inducement.

My guess is today at 11:47.

I was wondering how it was go

I was wondering how it was going with that. I'll be thinking of you this weekend - especially if the site doesn't get updated for a while! I've been amazed at how much work you must be putting into this. I have a hard time keeping up with just reading it all.

Keep us posted and good luck!

All 3 of mine...

were late.


I call the 11th 4:30am


my bet would be about that too :)