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'Podcast' your world
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If you browse the serious tech blogs at all, you'll have noticed the word podcasting coming up time and time again. We're ever so slightly behind the curve here at Threadwatch but are catching up rapidy, and with this in mind, i thought it might be time for a little primer.

The article threadlinked above is a great introduction to the tech and technique. You will have to put your marketers hat on to understand why it's important to Threadwatch but im confident you'll see the point :)

We have talked about it a little here in: podvertisng makes it's debut and Heineken are podcasting so do check them out to. In the first, we've got some great basic info from Threadwatchers. Of particular help are the links supplied by Brad, thanks mate!

So, before you go and read, let me give you my brief take on it to hopefully get you on at least passing terms with the notion:

  • Podcasting is pre-recording media (audio and soon video) and distributing it via RSS or other syndication.
  • It's mostly the domain of amateur radio at present though big corps and media outlets have been dipping their toes, the BBC included.
  • It could very well do for radio and video what blogs are doing for print journalism now.
  • Advertising is already happening, and will almost certainly grow to be big business
  • Just like blogs, any muppet can do it.
  • Which i why im reading up on it and thinking of doing a dailey podcast for TW :)

This snippet from the article:

It's a boon for audiences, too, because podcasting is the audio equivalent of TiVo. Once a listener logs onto an individual podcaster's website and signs up as a subscriber, each new program will automatically download to his digital player. That frees people to listen to shows on their schedule rather than the broadcaster's.

Podcasting is a radical way of looking at radio, says Tod Maffin, a technology futurist and producer at Canada's CBC radio.

"Instead of me listening to a single radio station for an entire day and picking up a dozen things that interest me, wouldn't it be great if I could tune to all of the world's public broadcasters and specify the particular types of content that I'm interested in," says Mr. Maffin.

Comments welcome, it's a pretty new area so let's help each other feel our way round it eh?



Thanks for the link to the primer. It helped a lot with understanding the whole thing. It sounds cool, but I don't think it is something I would do. I would be too shy I think to do any kind of audio thing like that.


Some recent reporting on the BBC's success with podcasting - you're welcome Trisha..

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