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good luck Nick!

good luck Nick!


Not sure how they plan on competing as online advertising is a very crowded marketplace already. The two-pronged battle I see is trying to convince advertisers you have a quality network to run their ads and convincing publishers they'll actually get paid.

Good luck Nick!


Im not at all convincedi it's a "crowded marketplace" out there. but regardless im happy to take on the lot of them...

What's that about then?

What's that about then? Don't understand a word of it.

I am interested in seeing

I am interested in seeing what this large scale link bait becomes.

I've been following what

I've been following what Nick has done over at Performancing and been very impressed. How Nick and the team has managed to pull together the expetise, financing and tech together in such a short time has been nothing less than remarkable. From the outside looking in they have a great plan and have executed it flawlessly, kudos.

Large scale link bait?

Large scale link bait?

Yeah, I guess so -- and done right. Build a community, develop tools, introduce a service. Make money.

Not a bad business plan.

"large scale

"large scale linkbait"


I was talking to aaron in IM last night about how bloggers link, particularly how easy it is to get them to link. It's not really about "ho ho ho, see what we did" so much as getting your head around a whole new group (a huge one) of folks on the internet and what they like you know?

I love to linkbait, but as I also love to build stuff people like, so it's a fun site to run.

thanks everyone, and thanks for the comment NFFC


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