Top Tips for Spammers at ihelpyou

ihelpyou at sew said : But anyway; JimWorld and mine are the only places that will name spammers and scammers. At least there are two of us.

And thats a good thing it always nice to go somewhere to find the latest spam pages to see if theres anything new.... without forums like ihelpyou where would we learn spam at !!

I I suggest that every would be spammer sign up there and learn some new tricks ...

hint it took google almost a year to fix guestbook spam
the 302 hijacks have been around for acouple of years..

so as Doug outs new ways to spam you have a good year to use his tips..

I thank Doug for educating spammers ... tip's black hat to doug



doug's site is awesome

I always check doug's site for spam tricks I might have missed. Good place to go in order to see some examples on how to improve your rankings. Since the SE's take so long, and many times never, to rid their results of many spam tactics, you'll find all the tricks and tips you'll need over there.

If you're ever having trouble getting good rankings be sure to stop by Doug's site for help by example.

Google Suggest, Yahoo! Desktop Search, Spamming Tips, Google Geo

Google created a beta tool by the name of Google Suggest which tries to autocomplete you query for you. Dan Gillmore moves on from his post to create a grassroots journalism project. Yahoo! announces their desktop search. AdGooroo announces new business model. Ihelpyou offers useful spamming tips. Bruce Stone creates the Wow Yellow Pages directory. Google opens a new secret data center in Georgia. Amazon UK offers DVD rentals.

Don't get me started on Doug,

Don't get me started on Doug, he's tried my patience way too much recently.

Good one Doug in making beginner spammers into professional spammers ;)


i was going to, got a script and everything ready to blow the lid off this thing but then thought better of it...

it was the one reason why ...

I would not tell everyone how to 302 a hijack... it would have started a 302 hijack spree ;)



I never really thought of it like that before, Guess i'll have to dust off my stealth account and go join the party again huh? :)

Thanks Dave!