Spam Countdown Clock


Spam seems to be having an easier time at Google right now with "bad data pushes" and billion page spammers (no offense adam :) In case you are wondering how long this window of opportunity will last you can check out this spam clock.

I thought ThomasB would would be too busy to come up with this stuff since the World Cup is in town. Good to see he has his priorities straight - SEO then Soccer :)



By the time Matt gets back the tide of spam will be more like a Bad Data Tsunami, I can just see it now ..

Adam says "Hi matt good break"
Matt says " Yer we did blah blah blah, everything ok while I have been gone"
Adam says "Yer kinda .. we made up a New term ... Bad Data Push"
Matt says " hmmmm.. what was that for"
Adam says " Aaron knows.. I'm off on holiday for a bit.. later"


Thomas can afford to chill

Thomas can afford to goof around; Germany is doing great in the cup.

Unlike the US of A, as of about 30 minutes ago. :( Who am I going to root for now? Ghana? Brazil? The Netherlands?

Enjoy the holiday ..

..while you can, Matt :-)

Hmm .. A new post on your

Hmm .. A new post on your blog Matt ? Please ?



There's something very sad ...

... about the way so many people can't seem to live without Matt Cutts.

did anyone else notice

that boser and cutts quite blogging around the same time? we should be able to whip up a good conspiracy based on that observation, hhh.

so many people can't seem to

so many people can't seem to live without Matt Cutts.

Actually, I find your comment amusing.

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