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Yet another new thing from the user interface department. Refine your results in nice categories. Almost, but not quite, like the tabbed search Dannie Sullivan wrote about a couple of years back. Think about, say, Zinc for a moment. Why? Because it rhymes with think.

Better yet, try This query to get pages with Zinc warnings, or this one to get pages from medical authorities.

There are some new items in the URL:


(the "more" stuff is the category)


(it will not work without this part)


(no idea what this is)


(1) Refine results for Zinc

(2) more: Medical-authorities

So, what do you think? Almost beats sliced bread doesn't it? At least it makes you think...


I think it's old man..

I think it's old man.. Refine results. (I don't want to be a moron, so are we talking about the same thing ?)

Viagra, Cancer, etc.

I think Aaron wrote about this here too.

Cheers :).


I was sure that *I* had not seen it before... Obviously I don't search often for medical terms.. or the Bahamas. But 12th of May on that other post, that's little more than a month :)

Bahamas has this in the Url


as well as

So, it's travel ("destination_guides") and and medical ("drugs_for_patients") sofar, it seems. Or is it more?

It seems they're building a directory behind the lines here. Or, perhaps more accurately that they've finally found something to use the former "Applied Semantics" for.

Probably could be Dmoz based as well... dunno..

They're just trying to offer

They're just trying to offer a better categorization and search experience.

Most of these are beta and tests only.

I can bet 10 bucks that this feature could just go away in a few months, if they decide it doesn't do the job as expected.

"Probably could be Dmoz based as well... dunno.."

Dmoz? As the basis for a new 'service'?
Oh $DIETY, I hope not...

I would much prefer if Google started their own directory (which could well mutate from this offering) and completely dumped DMOZ as anything other than Yet Another Directory.

It's Google Co-op

Claus, like I posted on WMW, it's Google Co-op. In general, you need to subscribe to see these, except for a few categories like medicine, where they show up automatically.

In general, you need to

In general, you need to subscribe to see these, except for a few categories like medicine, where they show up automatically.

So far, I've seen them on medicine and travel destinations.

It appears that when the results become good enough, they start appearing on the general search page, whether you're subscribed or not. Not clear whether that's an algorithmic call (ie, a sufficient number of subscribers suggests quality), or whether it's an eyeball job. I'm very impressed by the results they're showing.

well, they're certainly busy

well, they're certainly busy building directories... take any band name, add "discography" and look at #1 (with picture) example

Music, especially band information/lyrics is (with medical and travel info) among the more competitive areas.

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