Netscape vs Digg: Meta Journalism LOVES SEOs


The next version of Digg will contain many news categories. Today the new version of Netscape, as a Digg Clone with a few editorial anchors launched.

As a search marketer I have to admit that I am a fan of all the meta journalism sites. FUCKING EASY LINKS!

I signed up for the new Netscape and syndicated one of my posts there. If you give it a try feel free to hook me up with a vote and I will try to hook you back up down the road.

Given these meta sites and the meme trackers I bet running a dozen or so blogs on various topics, having a few dozen friends, and an account or two at these meta news sites will be about all one needs to compete in most markets.

These meta sites will also benefit individuals who tend to write longer editorial posts and put much of their personality in their posts. The soon to be nearly limitless channels of thin news sites will mean that most likely on the few best editors or content producers in each field will get must direct distribution or readership.


The new netscape is pretty

The new netscape is pretty goddamn hard to look at. I mean seriously. I can pick out headlines in Digg, at least (not that I visit often). Netscape has too many font-sizes & weights, and lacks colour (outside ads) to direct attention. Its a hodgepodge.

so far the early opinions at

so far the early opinions at the new Netscape are not very positive either
nor the feedback on Digg

also seems dumb...

to have put ads in the beta (well ahead of even getting the comment formatting working). sad, really.

ads in the beta makes a

ads in the beta makes a great deal of sense to me, even if they're not truly paid ads.

Think about it; if they develop a user-base over the next few weeks/months/beta-length who are used to no ads, there will be a reluctance of users down the line to put up with such dramatic changes as putting ads in. If they're in there from the beginning, then whatever user-crowd they establish will be used to them, and may be easier to monetise or coax into accepting further revenue streams. They're not after the tech-savvy Digg crowd, after all, they're after the bigger umbrella that digg has a niche in. The common [wo]man will put up with more, for longer. Its why text-ads work, and banner ads worked.

You know what does annoy me though? The big topic 'heat map' (different font sizes for popular topics). Its craptacular. News flash Netscape, if you want to be big on social/personal news media, then don't tell me what I ought to be interesting, let me decide for myself. Stealing my attention for topics I don't care for is not useful.

Too bad they link the via

Too bad they link the via "domain.tld" which doesn't have the preferred anchor text. Oh well, at least one the links is the real thing.

That framed link is "craptasticly" slow loading and just pretty ugly (the left frame ;-) ).

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