Google Government Search - Recycled News (Beta)


Google tackles another vertical search with Google Government Search. As the Washington Post would say:

It's finally happening: The ever-expanding Google Inc. is making its move on the federal government.

Or maybe it is not as they would say. Nice journalism, but didn't Google launch this service way back in 1999?

I guess it is another way for Google to build brand loyalty while giving newspapers content, but who is going to remember they have all these vertical search services?

After all, this is the second time Google launched this particular vertical, and after researching for their articles even the mainstream media was clueless that this service is almost 7 years old.


mainstream media are clueless

Once I imagined the day when the mainstream will trump other seo/sem and internet marketing sites to the important stories. When I read articles like this I realise how far behind they are and how far we are ahead. Will the ever actually 'get it', I really wonder sometimes.


is this like Google's unclesam search?

"In related news, the

"In related news, the Washington Post reports that Coca Cola has anounced plans to develop a diet cola which it plans to call diet coke."?!

What the hell is this all about? It's the very same search as the unclesam search. Does this even qualify as a re-launch?

. . .but who is going to remember they have all these vertical search services?

Simple. Google'll just launch a search engine to search all of the 'special' search engines. They'll call it "Full Circle Search®"!

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