One Second Radio Ads


"Clear Channel is discussing the idea of one-second radio spots with marketers and media buyers."

Are we getting so lazy that we can't even listen to a whole ad? Is there more value per second when you sell it one second at a time? What does this mean for other types of ads?


? How would that even work?

How would that even work? Imagine those who by 3-4 sec ads just to blurt out something, lol. How convoluted would that be in a few dozen advertisers did it all in one commerical break.

One Second?

A minute of advertising will sound like a rap song as you can barely blurt out a word in one second.

Imagine this string of one second ads together:


all media, ads included, is

all media, ads included, is bound to be microchunked.

i do hope this fails miserably, though -- no better example of corporate-controlled media than clear channel.


It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George says "Co-stanza" to stick inside a woman's head and repeats and then she becomes infatuated with him... These 1 second ads would be perfect for that..

perfect for search (?)

How convoluted would that be in a few dozen advertisers did it all in one commerical break.

Think of the audible version of the Million Dollar Homepage.

It does seem tailor-made to be a supplement to a search campaign though. Find an easy-to-remember (and hard to misspell) word or phrase, pre-buy the PPC ads (and pre-SEO the organic), and sprinkle away across the airwaves.

Co-stanza. Damn you, skore.

I guess

it's long enough to mention the name of your site ;)

Not for hyphenated domains

Not if your domain is It's the darn dashes that take all the time.

Also, if your domain was say,

:) though, well that might work!

Chikity boom boom

LOL @ incredibill, that's exactly what I was thinking...

One second ads.

Well, so much for the ban on subliminals.

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