GRoll - Google's new "approved" link roll for webmasters

Google has released a beta verison of "GRoll", a blogrolling service for websites. Basically, it combines Google's oversight of link quality with AdSense, creating a way for webmasters to cross link between websites on the www without worrying about violating Google's unstated "link quality enforcement algorithms". According to Catt Mutts, this new offering from the Quality Team at the Googleplex (codename 'cutie-plex') brings webmasters yet another tool in the war on Spam:

For some time now, webmasters have told us they worry about link quality. They want to trade links and link out freely, but are afraid of the potential repurcussions from the Google algorithm. With GRoll, webmasters can feel free to insert hyperlinks in into their websites anytime they want. They no longer have to fear the Google algo will shut down their indexing or slow the crawl, or devalue their site's relevance in the SERPs. If Google views a hyperlink as undesired, it simly gets an automatic nofollow or in some cases the link simply doesn't appear."

When asked directly about the new knowledge Google will gain from this "registry" of hyperlinks, Catt had a prepared answer:

"Google already spiders and crawls the web. We already know everything about those public links, so there is no privacy issue here. In fact, webmasters are thanking us for the new transparancy - they no longer have to worry about what malicious SEOs might do with links located on other sites - Google knows which sites are spammers, and we will take care of any problems the Black Hat SEOs might have caused for them."

Laurie Wisernow, President of the United Webmasters Against Spam, is happy with Google's new offering:

"I think this is great. My AdSense earning are up 2% since I put my main website into GRoll. I saw 42% of my outbound links disappear once I signd on, so there must have been a lot of SPAM hiding out there I would not otherwise have known about. I'm going home now to enroll the rest of my sites, and get some new backlinks."

The SEO community is also abuzz with comments about the new GRoll. spokesperson nIMble1 likened it to the dawn of awareness of PageRank:

"Dude, this is HUGE. This is the biggest thing for SEOs since the Page Rank algo was busted by DaveM in 2004. I'm totally on it, as is my entire crue. We've dedicating everything to throwing links against the GRoll machine right now." broke the story in "rumors and scandals".


LOL, there's just SOOOO much

LOL, there's just SOOOO much abuse potential there.... I forsee a lot of test sites acquiring blogs in the near future....

And Y also getting into the act.

Apparently Yahoo is also following Google's lead too! Where will this madness end? Y's new program is called Yahoo Recursive Monitoring of Outbound Mitigation and Analysis, or YRMOMA.

Ask too

I've read that Ask is not to be out done and they are launching Ask's Holistic Outbound Link Exclusion, or Ahole, with much the same effect.