Google Obtaining Adwords User Feedback


Not sure if this is old news, but here you go anyway.

Adwords Feedback

It seems as though Google maybe testing or rolling out a new feature for its adwords system to collect user experience data. After clicking through an advert and then returning back to the search results page, a ‘did you find this link useful?


obviously not :) doh

obviously not :)


It seems like there is the

It seems like there is the need for ensuring that a visitor doesn't return to the SERPs.

Add a Google Search Box

to the landing page maybe? Crude but it would take the focus off needing to go back to search again.


to the landing page maybe?

With the original query already pre-loaded, and some bold text saying "Want to search again?"

Is the first half of that possible? I would think so, but coding is not my thing.

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