Is Too Much Paranoia a Bad Thing?


Thread at WMW about Google Browser Sync For FireFox appears to divide posters there between those in favour and those against it.

Google definition of it is

Google Browser Sync for Firefox is an extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers. It also allows you to restore open tabs and windows across different machines and browser sessions.

I cannot see too many TW readers wanting to install it, but ihere it is
should you want to install it !


Install it?

I'd rather pluck out my eyeballs and microwave them until they pop!

No thanks.

Hmmm...'ll be able to have that done on soon. Gotta love'em eh?

Where There's a Way, There's a Will

Trust Google ?

No way, they have proved at countless times who's interests they serve.

I don't touch any google services or products unless it is truely necessary, their traffic is good, but their company ethics in my opinion are not..

They are consumed with greed like most large shareholder led companies and it will eventually back fire, this process takes a long time to happen though, as the public are not being educated by some of the bigger forums on the net and especially not the media.

The thing I fear is google eventually cracking the Artificial Inetellgence nut, will we need to invent a time travel machine like in the Terminator films.

Will Larry and Sergey be getting a visit from the future ?

Who needs bars?!

Who needs bars to keep them in prison in this grand old U.S.S.A. [sic]?!!

You can't go any where, buy any thing or talk to any one without being recorded by highway and city-corner CCTV, NSA wiretaps, or credit card/dollar tracking; and now the government doesn't even have to invest time and money in packet sniffers or bruteforce password hacking! Now, my friend, they can get ALL your passwords from the GOOG!

And just wait till you decry the situation! You could be scared already and just temerily make the statement — while you are in a foreign land! nonetheless — that you are ashamed Bush is from your same state/country, and the implicit Brown Shirts will come down so hard on you that you find your career over immediately, your ability to get hired erased, and threats made on the lives of yourself and children! Just like the Dixie Chicks! And god forbid you actually wear an anti-war shirt! You'll be manhandled, heckled, abused and spat upon by the Federal juggernaut ala Cindy Sheehan.

If you want a view of the American Nightmare soon to come to you, just view any number of videos on various underground sites on the Internet — can't find these on YouTube, baby...somethign about "too violent"? — of various protests in the U.S.S.A. since 2001 that have turned significantly violent. Find the UCSC tuition hike protests where rented cops killed several students by suffocation + torture holds [news] [video]; get a hold of The Miami Model where you can see just what happens when you and 10,000 others protest Free Trade (particularly the FTAA) in 2003 and were met by 15,000 National Guard~! Or better yet, see how they treated people in the illegal and asbestos-, rat-infested ghetto concentration camps in New York during the 2004 Republican Convention.

I'm not saying Europe is any better, just that the entire world is more or less on an equal keel now when it comes to fascism. There are no shining examples of freedom, not a single constitutional republic left, just various shades of Statism. Europe is in even worse shape, with the power keg of racial war and jihad lit and ready should any member state get its head on right and demand such frivolous things as representative democracy, much less bicameral houses of parliament.

They came for the Jews and I said nothing, for I was not a Jew.

other extensions

other extensions for FF exsist that do the same thing. problem solved and bill's eyeballs can be spared.

thanks hopeseekr.

Thanks for that video and links. I doubt I would ever otherwise know about it.

As for those who question the purpose of the student protests at University of Southern California, what the f* does it matter? They are students, and our kids and citizens. Damn if they haven't learned something, eh?

bookmarks for data

I said they would do this - a lovely source of data for sites that are actually used... Reckon they will be able to tell which links you use and how often. (Only the aggregrate *of course* {looks naive} ;) )

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