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AdMarketplace Unveils Contextual Ad Network
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Hot on the heels of Chitika comes Conducive's AdMarketPlace. Clickz have the scoop in the story threadlinked above but i must say, bearing in mind that Conducive also provide search engine marketing and their site is utterly unspiderable their offering doesn't inspire much confidence at first glance.

Also, they could do with hiring someone to help with their PR - check this out:

"We've taken a lot of the learnings from that and repackaged it a bit into maybe an AdSense version of that system," said Jim Waltz, president and CEO of Conducive, referring to Google's contextual ad program.

Sheesh, is it or isnt it Jim?


adMarketplace is the latest contextual advertising program

Conducive Corporation's adMarketplace launched today, and touts itself as the first online auction marketplace for buyers and sellings of graphical ad units. Unlike many graphic ad networks, adMarketplace uses on-page content to determine what ads to display. The adMarketplace patent-pending...

What took ya Jen?


Very nice write up, jen has some extra goodies on this at the trackback link above...

Reckon that'll put the cat amongst the pidgeons with google adsense animated ads? - Will they have dancing monkeys too?


>> What took ya Jen?

Later time zone ;)

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