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Pondering Podvertising Possibilities
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Im more than a little behind the curve with podcasting but thanks to Aaron im at least familiar with the general idea :)

Today, in the article threadlinked above, Steve Rubel talks about the possiblility of reaching the streets ahead super early adopters that make up the burgeoning ipod nation.

You can’t walk 50 feet in a major city without seeing them. You can spot them a mile away by the dual white wires that dangle from their ears. They’re young, technically savvy, loyal, enthusiastic card-carrying members of the burgeoning iPod Nation. They represent an attractive demographic of early adopter influencers that marketers covet. And, thanks to an emerging revolution in online audio content called podcasting, there are all kinds of new and exciting ways to reach them through “podvertising.”

So, i have 3 questions for Threadwatchers if I may:

  • Do you have an Ipod?
  • Is it cool?
  • Will the new gen mobiles kill it?

Go on, help me get up to speed...


They are fantastic...

I have one, I love it, not yet - but maybe in a couple of years I'll be able to fit 10,000 songs and watch full length movies on my phone... that WOULD be cool.

Could I...

make a podcast and broadcast it from this website?

Welcome to Threadwatch horse, do introduce yourself.. :)

Got one, am I hip yet?

>>Do you have an Ipod?

I was a bit skeptical about how much I would use it. But I find I use it and iTunes a lot. If you commute in a car a lot I also recommend iTrip, a little low powered FM radio transmitter.

>>Is it cool?

Yeah, I really like it. It does to my music collection what a DVD player did to movies and TV series - made it accessible like never before. I have not really tried listening to podcasts, but I may check out what the BBC has available.

>>Will the new gen mobiles kill it?

I think it will evolve. Size, HD and battery technology are going to dictate a lot of this. You will see a lot of mp3 players in different form factors. I don't think the physical makeup will be as important as software format: Windows Media based vs. Apple AAC based.

how to

>>Could I make a podcast and broadcast it from this website?

Engadget has a 3 part How to guide with pics:

no, yes, maybe

1. don't have one
2. of course it's cool :-)
3. they might kill it


Thanks for the links Brad, that's terrific! I'll go have a look this evening when it all quietens down out there..

So, first another question(s): How much for the basic kit? Is it only apple that make them? Anyone running one on linux?

Now, video to follow podcasting from wired via staci

"We think of it internally as TiVocasting," said Scott Rafer, president and chief executive of the blog search engine Feedster, which has begun offering video feeds through a dedicated site, FeedsterTV. "Video stuff is now coming into play. It's one thing to have a bunch of video files dumped into a folder on your desktop. The interesting future is when it is put into a TiVo-style mechanism."


>>How much for the basic kit?

Just to make podcasts in mp3 format, all you really need is Linux software that will record your voice (we want the dogs to co-host so we want woofs on all podcasts) ;)

Then from the iPodder.org site here is a list of Linux software:

Not sure what that does but being Linux it is all probably free. :)

The actuall ipod?

and the actual ipod? er... it is hardware right?

thanks again brad, sorry im so lame on this but im enjoying the education :)

iTunes and iPod

Hmm there are some links on this page:

And here:

iTunes is the client software that also controls the ipod, but it only comes in Mac and Win XP versions:

I'm not sure if the Windows Media format players (ie: iRiver, etc.) are going to have Linux based client software since M$ is so hostile to Linux. But Realone might have a Linux based player. The important thing is that it also be able to play unencrypted mp3 format files in addition to Real's proprietary format.

Not a fan of iPOD's but i’v

Not a fan of iPOD's but i’ve always been a late adopter :D Think they are over priced and over hyped, claims such as 10,000 mp3s on 40gb – ok if you’re partially deaf and only listen to music through crappy headphones. Although i have switched to itunes. When they have a 100gb iPod for £50 and i have some where to go with one i might buy one ;)

Ipod=good Itunes=bad

I have an ipod, about a year old.

I think it is cool, but after about a week of ripping cds I attempoted to sync a playlist and lost 37gigs of them thanks to the itunes software. From that forward I have been use ephpod, http://www.ephpod.com/ and I think it is great software. Not sure if you can pod cast with it though?

I think the all in one phone/entertainment device will one day kill it, but that won't come for a few years.


for all the help Brad, im gonna get stuck right into this as soon as I can :)


Love my ipod. Hate itunes. Damn you wertrose for not telling me about that software sooner (trying it soon).

There's gotta be a better way than itunes...give me nice drag and drop sync. Make it gui and pretty and easy.

As for the ipod...it is just all that...sleek, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

I listen to mine on computer speakers at home and work. Plug it in and go. Good stuff.

That being said, I know virtually nothing about podcasting yet, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Yeah, I wish my sidekick had about a 50GB hard drive/ 8 mp camera/ and a monster processor. Probably be a while yet though :)

ipod is good, although needs

ipod is good, although needs to be better. i want better sound quality, more space, better battery, additional functionality (watching music videos, access to radio stations, etc.), and a lower price (which will come eventually, of course).

anyone who likes the ipod should check out rhapsody.com -- the best online music service, it's not even close.

but back to marketing: yes, i'm a believer in podcasting, want to get the folks i work with to try it out. i think there is enormous potential for all firms to take advantage of the burgeoning ipod revolution.

Pods vs Mobile

Interesting little factoid: The guy who ran the small company responsible for the ipod UI is now working at a startup involved with mobliles:

He has a new startup in Palo Alto called Iventor Inc., where he and a small group of engineers are building operating systems for feature-rich handheld devices such as cell phones that play music, show video, play games and take photos.

Ipod guy working on mobiles

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