Google Plans Animated Ads

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Google Plans Animated Ads
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Never thought Google would do this !

Google will test animated ads through its AdSense network, the search company said yesterday.

The animated image ads will appear shortly on Web sites that opted to display Google's graphical ad units, which the company introduced in May. Until now, Google has allowed advertisers to use only static banner ads. A test group will run animated GIF files, though Google said it would keep its maximum file size for image ad units at 50 kilobytes.



Nice Catch xcandyman!

John Battelle seems less than impressed at the prospect of dancing monkeys...

OK, now, this is interesting. On the one hand, it's Google clearly following its customer's lead - the advertising customer, that is. And it's crossing a line that until now has not been crossed - moving, dancing images. What that has to do with relevance, the watchword of Google's ad policies up until now, I can't really say. Well, yes I can: Nothing. Animations are all about the other portion of advertising; getting your attention.

I do hope my firefox no damn animated gifs! preference holds up on adnoise...




"shakes head"


Conservative Advertisors Just love

Conservative Advertisors Just love flashing, sparkling banner-ads and hate contextual text ads.
Text advertising got better CTR and wisely handled - better ROI.
I believe that this is some kind of withdrawal, in order to please media buyers and let the forces of the market to do what they do...

All about money

I thought the age of dodgy flashing images was over, reason for Google doing this ? IMO more businesses will signup because of the prospect of moving images which means more money in Google's pockets.


Thank god for Firefox animated ads killer :)


I s'pose a RELEVANT animated banner would get a high CTR - I think people are beggining to be adsense blind (much like they became banner-blind around 2000)

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