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Microsoft AdLabs offers a bunch of search engine marketing tools, including a content categorization engine, a keyword categorization engine, a demograhpics prediction tool (works on keyword or URL level), a seasonal search trend tool (like Google trends, but not as deep), a commercial intent tool (shows if a query or page is likely to be informational or commercial in nature), and a keyword funnel tool (which shows other search queries that occur before or after a given query).

Other than not working in Firefox (as a feature of course) it seems like pretty cool stuff, eh?


Off course the background

Off course the background image (yes it's a freekin' 1280x1470px image) is exported at such a low quality, that you can see the pixels in there.

Freakin' Microsoft webmasters (look at the code too)


Very nice. Interesting to see which misspellings are actually working. Too bad the numbers are low.

thanks for the transparency, but

Nice to have transparency, but if Google sets "smart pricing" based on algos like these, it's not surprising they don't give out the same sort of access to AdSense and data. The "commercial intent" tool seems to be so easily skewed by certain factors, it would be trivial to game the pricing algo. Many clearly commercial sites I checked came up very low prob of commercial.

The flip side of that same coin is, the smart pricing is garbage.

Just did a trial run on the

Just did a trial run on the "Context Based Acronym Resolution" tool. Tried it for "seo."

Predicted Acronym Expansion

Suspected Acronym: seo
Suggested Resolution: science
Considered Alternatives: science

I guess that makes seo a pretty... uhh... scientific field.

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