Google DMOZ titles and mindreading


Tony Knowles announced he was running for Governor of Alaska yesterday.

Search for Tony Knowles on Google, and first result is an under construction page titled "Alaska Candidate Tony Knowles".

Second result is the official Alaska Governor's website, titled "Governor Tony Knowles"

Problem is, Tony Knowles is not the Governor of Alaska.

The actual page on the web is titled "Governor Frank Murkowski". This is not surprising since the Governor of Alaska is in fact Frank Murkowski (not that he deserves to be).

Is Google predicting that Tony Knowles will win in November? Nope. They are in fact drawing the page title from DMOZ, where the listing for that page has not been updated in three and a half years, when Knowles actually was Governor.


Thanks for that

That was a good laugh this morning, I appreciate it. Mr. Knowles is probably have a good chuckle.


DMOZ still exists?

it does exist still I am afraid

I noticed some dmoz titles on some sites I have been optimising. Is this new as I haven't seen it before on any other sites I've been working on.

Was that...

...back when he was still a famous and active snooker player?


Thanks for pointing out the two problems. They are fixed, though the changes may not show immediately on the public side. And it will be a day or two before Google picks them up, I expect.

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