Is Your Content Technically Unique or Conceptually Unique


SugarRae has a great post talking about "unique content" and how the same phrase means different things to different people. When Unique Content Is Not "Unique"

There are two possibilities for unique content. The first is the literal one. A page of content that is technically unique from those found on other websites on the web. I’d be more likely to call this unique *text* as that’s really what it is. The topic/gist of the page is the exact same as one thousand other pages on the web.


While this content is full of unique text, it certainly doesn’t have any unique value. The same information is available all over the web, the above is just written using the webmaster’s own words.

The second version of unique content (in my head anyway) is conceptually unique content. Something that either no other site has, something that you’re written to be better than the current information that is available or something that uses what is already available, but with a twist to make your version either more interesting or adds value to the original concept or topic of the "article".


That's a no news day

That's a no news day article. Isn't that obvious to everyone? Or just me?

I think it is just

I think it is just you...

while it sounds clear and easy that is probably one of the top 5 reasons many new webmasters fail.

I liked the post

And a little refresher never hurt anyone. As an aside that has to be best designed blog I have seen!

I agree with grnidone

Stating the obvious and calling it news - must be a slow day.

(Though I also agree with seobook - it is one of the reasons that many webmasters fail - but I would say fail to make it big time rather than just fail I've seen a great many serps which are just regurgitations of the same story in different words. But there is nothing new under the sun, or should that be The Sun, reading any of the daily papers you'll see the same thing.)

It's a dead ringer

Making a directory is not exactly the same as showing how to cancel your competitors service. It's a beautiful article and I agree with it. He even got link love from my blog on that one.

if only

He even got link love from my blog on that one.

if only she was a he that might be accurate. ;)

>best designed blog

nice Expression Engine design

I do like the analogy she

I do like the analogy she uses:

Think of content like movie plots. When a movie is predictable or the basic plot has been done ten times before, you want to see something new – a new spin from the director, a better level of special effects or an unexpected twist to the plotline to name a few. If a movie is a repeat of five others you’ve seen before – and it doesn’t give you anything new aside from different actors, how likely are you to see it again or recommend it to others?

We all do sites about similar topics

So it's quite difficult to write something completely unique unless it's some latest news or a research..

not really... its also the

not really... its also the angle you play it from or how you sell the story.

the controvercial angle is almost always a low hanging piece of fruit, if your brand can bear it.

here we come to linkbait

here we come to linkbait again hehe

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