Google Crawling AdWords Landing Pages for Quality


I am a bit late on this, but Danny pointed out that Google is launching a spider named AdsBot to monitor AdWords landing page quality.

Sometime in the coming weeks, a new AdsBot crawler will be grabbing all landing pages independently of AdSense, Googlebot or other Google spiders. Can you still block being spidered? Yes. But if you do so, Google AdWords will consider you a "non-participating advertiser" in the review process. As a result, you'll take a ding on your overall AdWords quality score.

The arbitrage market continues to grow harder by the day.



It's still OK for AdSense to be on the most shit scraper websites on the planet but god forbid the advertisers landing page is poor quality. We certainly waouldn't want people on one shitty website to click a link to escape it and land on another shitty website, oh hell no, that would be a tragedy.

abitrage and spam are good

abitrage and spam are good things...

so long as they are not in Google's results :)

Bang on

You're echoing my sentiments exactly incredibill, terse words and all. The whole landing page quality thing is just plain arrogant (not that I've had any issues). Contrast that with their content netowrk - heck contrast that with the crap domain parking pages in their "search" network, and crowing about landing page quality for paying advertisers is just nasty. < tangent >

And how can you tell quality

And how can you tell quality programmatically?

One of the beauties of PPC is that you can design more visually appealing landing pages than is quite so easily possible with Mr. Text-Based Design.

basic word checks at least

With all the "outing" of sites that have adsense + adult or off-color content, is it no wonder they are scraping landing pages? Watch for those questionable categories to go first (it's actually been going on for at least a month... see the mentions of an email from "scott" about pages that are not in-line with guidelines, because they have an adult word or two in them).

Sadly, Google will be policing community standards, and we know how well that works.

I wish incrediBill had adwords on his blog... it would be a bellweather.

Ok .. this is becoming

Ok .. this is becoming fairly interesting. But with this Adsbot quality score, it seems that arbitrage will get only some reds.. Not that it will disappear.

about calling the shots ...

Does it not strike anyone as odd that the vendor is calling the shots to the customer?

Why would you find that so

Why would you find that so odd ? It's not the first time.

its the use of the word 'quality' whch bugs me

If they want to ensure landing pages adhere to their advertising regulations no problem, but quality is in the eye of the beholder and I'd rather let my customers decide whether a site is what they want than have Google apply some arbitrary judgement and (here's the key) charge me double to advertise a site they think should be a different colour or have different navigation

I think automatic filters

I think automatic filters can be triggered.

See "duplicate content" ratio. How much of the landind website's content is already in Google, in other websites.

Looks like they may be

Looks like they may be expecting some Flak....

arbitrage growing harder

The arbitrage market continues to grow harder by the day.

Depends. There's little doubt in my mind that 'quality' will be a variable, with the big spenders having a different standard.

Well, I'm glad to hear that

Well, I'm glad to hear that while Google Search is broken, they're throwing resources into policing paid advertisers. :)

And will the AdsBot deal with issues such as spyware and trojans being used against people who click through paid ads?

Google is a Marketing Company with "Quality Landing Pages"

Landing pages are websites -- one page websites -- not unlike billboards, print ads or ebay postings. Google does not want to eliminate user generated pages and pages of "content" on individual websites. Why mess with an Adsense revenue model that is generating tons of cash? However, Google is a public company. Public companies need to constantly generate cash. Sales generate cash. And, "relevant", quality landing pages, developed correctly, convert into sales.

Google is a business -- a marketing business. Google has been advertising offline for some time. According to an article in today's WSJ, Google is planning to "push ads in print publications ranging from Crain's Chicago Business to AdWeek over the next two months." (High Tech's Latest Hot Job is Selling Online Ads Amid Web Surge, Kevin Delaney, WSJ 5/27/06) Kevin Delaney writes, "Google ... says it's hiring more from the finance and consulting industries these days, rather than competing with rivals for veterans of Internet ad sales." Google is in the business of making money through marketing. To do that you need financial expertise, not just salespeople, to create a trusted business relationship with Wall Street.

Google's strong push into offline ads relates to its position on quality landing pages. "Offline ads are landing pages." Print ads refer back to "something" - why not have print ads refer back to "quality landing pages" associated with Google's AdWords program? If individuals and advertisers do not know how to "close the sale", Google is planning to help them.

Quality Landing Pages -- Google's newest revenue model. If "place" is the last frontier, a "quality landing page" -- one that converts with perhaps a "click to call" option -- fits perfectly on a cell phone screen. A landing page can be text or video. Once again, clicks = sales. A landing page is an ad -- a Google ad.

Page rank and user-generated spammy website content has gotten out of control. Google is going to take back "relevancy" with quality landing pages. Google is going to control that "relevancy" so all landing pages will be maximized to create sales. The only question remaining on the table is: What percentage of sales from "quality landing pages" will Google require from its AdWords advertisers?

Page rank and user-generated

Page rank and user-generated spammy website content has gotten out of control.

and this does not change the incentive for creating 90% plus of them...

Page rank and user-generated

No argument with the 90% number - which is probably low. Tim Armstrong says Google is hiring "more from the finance and consulting industries" instead of competing for internet ad sales veterans. It's going to be a numbers game. Ad agencies want a percentage of sales from the creative campaigns they design for clients. Google may be heading in that direction with "quality landing pages." The AdsBot crawler will just be highlighting which advertisers Google should ignore, and those it should develop a more intimate relationship with to increase its bottom line.

The AdsBot crawler will just

The AdsBot crawler will just be highlighting which advertisers Google should ignore, and those it should develop a more intimate relationship with to increase its bottom line.

Could well be, especially when you combine it with them knowing how much budget a company allocates to AdWords, how that budget has grown over time, what terms competitors are bidding on that they are not, and even perhaps conversion statistics from many of them.

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