MSN Search Now Offering "More SPAM Per Query"™


Garbage. Junk. Awful results. It's apparent spammers know how to work this engine. MSN has no idea what they are doing. Period.

Those are the words at WMW describing MSN's most recent update.


That's Not Fair

I think MSN are very progressive in the way they allow webmaster participation in their SERPS

I noticed several areas that looked spammy/irrelevent. I took it upon myself to clean them up and take the spots 1 to 6 with various sites of mine, all on topic of course.

The ability for users to tailor results this way could be the edge they are looking for in the fight against Google.

We live in a democracy and are against dictatorship. Why should Matt Cutts decide where everybody's sites appear. MSN's democratic route of, 'if you don't like where your site appears then move it' sounds far more 'western' in ideaology to me.

Vive la Revolution!

I took it upon myself to

I took it upon myself to clean them up and take the spots 1 to 6 with various sites of mine, all on topic of course.

The ability for users to tailor results this way could be the edge they are looking for in the fight against Google.

Sure you like your results, but do most users think seeing 6 offerings from 1 operator is maximally relevant?

If being easy to manipulate is an edge then MSN is clearly the most forward thinking engine out there, and I believe they already won the arms race in that war.


I have a site that just ABSOLUTELY OWNS everything in its vertical in MSN. Everything.

Although I like it, I realize that it is not the best result for users.

Ditto, Aaron

It's actually fairly easy to spank pretty much any category in MSN. Should be some red faces over in Redmond.

Red Faces

I would imagine threads such as this that basically take the piss out of their 'interactive search engine' are more embarrassing than the serps for them.
After all, in my area Yahoo's serps are almost like a random sampling, appalling and much worse than MSN.

PS my first post was meant to be ironic!

Why red faces? Google

Why red faces? Google was the same way a few years ago and became the golden child of SEO (and as a result, also general business) and made billions in the process.

MSN can afford to give the online marketing industry an easy run for a while - much more these days SEOs are taking a "screw Google and work on MSN / Yahoo" approach (well, more affiliate type SEOs than agency / client based side). That's a big change from a year ago.

MacDonalds make shitty hamburgers - but they still make lots of money, hold a huge market share and serve countless millions of customers, to the dismay and detriment of their competition. Quality isn't necessarily a pre-requisite for success, nor is it necessarily the key goal for major corporations.


If it is easier for me to

If it is easier for me to spam MSN I am less likely to use them because I am less likely to trust the SERPs.

I don´t follow the

I don´t follow the MSN-SERPs, because they have only 3-4% market share in Germany. But sounds to me like every update discussion at Webmasterworld. Winners praise the good quality of the new SERPs and the rest is whining about so much more spam.

no no no... I think this

no no no... I think this might be a bit spammier. based on some of my own good rankings.

Maybe they are gearing up for...


I ran past that on a Yahoo message board. Funny stuff.


It is true that crap floats at MSN

I have often wondered about this. Why can a spam site make a killing at MSN with almost no work at all?
I have a couple of theories:
Maybe MSN really sucks at search engines and their desire to return "new/fresh" results ends up spammy cuz that is who is cranking out the new sites.
*conspiracy alert* MSN knows that all those spam pages have AdSense on them, and by ranking them they drive down the value of the Google content network and AdWords in general and then later this year when they introduce the AdCenter version of Adsense they squash all that spam and take over in a huge Google killing move.

In reality though, we are probably just a few months away from MSN getting their act together on this issue.

a few months as in years :)

a few months as in years :)

in my serps

i don't see much difference between G,M,Y in travel and real estate. i tend to rank (as it is my rightful place) but not dominate. of the 3, i'd truthfully have to put Y slightly behind M in relevance. i see some of what appears to be the old overture high-bidders in the Y serps, and while the kw phrase is there, the other engines are doing a better job at getting the context right.

funny reaction

Everyone used to "fix" google results and it was the rave, I think MSN is onto something here as search engine promotion is really self promotion; I rank well at MSN, I will tell others to use MSN, an alliance type relationship where one helps the other, google benefited HUGELY from this and then yanked their end out of the deal.

Ride the horse!

Hardball is dead on!

MSN results are getting better and better, especially when looking for new information or most up-to-date ;-)

one more thing

when was the last time Redmond tried to poach an account from the MCSE guys? I think they know a bit about how things work, let the grunts do the grunt work and keep your products front and center.

Google Advertising Professional?

I'll you send a target that you can prominently display on your back.

btw, the thread title sucks, maybe it should be "MSN looks to be webmaster friendly".

How about a Spammer Contest

How about a Spammer Contest sponsored by Threadwatch to rank for something on MSN? Maybe like [Bill Gates].

bcentral conflict of interest

I see listings ranking at the top of MSN for many product searches. Given that bcentral is their small business web services offering, it appears to be a conflict of interest/paid inclusion program.

>conflict of

>conflict of interest

yeah...almost as bad as the doorway generator software they recommend ;)

>bill gates

brilliant idea. I think I should say more to come ;)

MSN Fess Up - We Let Shit In. Fix By Monday.

MSN person writes at WMW:

I guess we're overdue for a public comment

1) is supposed to be the same as,, or any other MSN Search URL. The differences are in the UI, not the AI. :-)

2) We did indeed roll out a new Net this week. Unfortunately, an unrealted event earlier in the week allowed about 100M pages into the index without filtering. A great number of these pages were very poor.

3) These two events took effect at the same time, and event #2 was about 2x as large as event #1.

4) We did not fully unravel this ourselves until about two hours ago.

The system should finish purging and recrawling the 100M suspect pages by Sunday morning, PST. At that point it should be possible to see what the new net REALLY looks like.

I'm waiting for Yahoo! now.

Great news!

So they're going to get rid of all that spam that recently showed up ahead of my 'quality' site? Great news - out with the new spam, in with the old! :)

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