MySpace Look to Google and MSN for Search Help


According to the Financial Times, Rupert Murdoch couldn't find a decent search engine to buy so he's courting the majors for some search help to the goatscrew that is MySpace:

MySpace, the fast-growing “social networking” site, is in talks to forge a internet search link with either Google or Microsoft, in a move that would confirm the emergence of Rupert Murdoch’s internet site as a significant new power online.

The rapid growth of MySpace has turned it into one of the most attractive potential allies for search engines, which are hunting for new online audiences for their search-related advertising.

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MySpace is the #1 referrer for Google

According to hitwise, MySpace is #1 upstream provider of traffic to Google supplying 8.2% of its traffic.

If myspace dumps its current yahoo powered search and implement a simple sitwide google branded search box they can easily add a additional revenue of 128 million or so (80% profit share of 8% of google's US revenue of 2 billion).

Also they can easily push a MySpace branded toolbar to alteast 50% of its user base that will easily add another 100 million or so a year.

hat tip - now that's a great

hat tip - now that's a great term! I'm sooo stealing that.

goatscrew - now that's a

goatscrew - now that's a great term! I'm sooo stealing that.


I was somewhat shocked to see that was the #1 upstream provider of traffic to Google, supplying an astonishing 8.2% of all traffic (the next closest provider was MSN @ 4.0%!).

source (link to what Gopi said)

and they are also trying to leverage MySpace to seed their news sites:

Rupert Murdoch's News International is to embark on a big expansion of its internet communities commitment this summer.

Recruitment advertisements have gone out for a number of positions "on several levels, in a new online community team as part of an exciting project".

The drive, which is in an early stage, will see the addition of an online community editor, who will create new forums on hot topics and will seed user-generated content from readers, as well as other staff in editorial and management.

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