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Google adwords - Affiliates - Update
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Following on from Shaks comments about the demise of affiliates in adwords, my gossip tree tells me first week of Jan 2005.


Nick W

My Google ad rep told me... though he got spoken to about it... he had been told to let his big advertisers be aware it was coming... he did not realize they were supposed to be told to keep it under wraps....
I don't do any affiliate advertising but we do have a couple of products others affiliate market though luckily not as yet on Google.

So it is not a rumor it will be happening early in the new year. We even discussed that the reason it was not being done prior to the holidays was the bad taste over Florida last year - though that was pure speculation on both our parts.

Anonymous tip off i got last night, Barry also has a write up on this


What does this mean?

Without reading that entire WMW thread, does this mean that Google will not allow an affiliate of a product/service/site to have a Google AdWords ad? It must be the actual site/product owner?

Or are we talking about something else?

1 per landing page

1 ad per landing page. can be either the site owner or the affilate, but just 1 ad per landing page.

Simple then?

Create a different landing page for each affiliate



any way you slice it...

affiliate marketers are savvy

I can't see how Google will effectively enforce this rule without spending a ton of money trying to do so.

double bounce it ;) DaveN

double bounce it ;)


Not too worried - YET!

I had been trying to keep up with that thread at WMW. The possibility scares me because we have lots of affiliates making BIG money with Adwords and I would hate to see their commissions and the merchant's revenue get cut back.

1) Google would lose a lot of revenue if they did this. Sure the SERPs would be cleaner, but look at how many of the ads per page on popular terms are affiliate ads - TONS!

2) Like seobook said, affiliates are pretty smart and they are used to dodging bullets and hiding their links to protect their income from things like ad blockers and parasites. The sharp ones will find a way to get around this too, if it comes to pass - and I will be helping them devise ways to do it. ;-)

Linda AKA Catalyst

Best wait and see

It soon cometh


I'm still a little confused a

I'm still a little confused about this. Will it only effect affiliates who make ads that link directly to the merchant? Or does it also include affiliates whose ad links to their own site, which then has links to merchants sites?

The ads which will be targeted

From this thread at SEW:

does it solely affect 3 seperate advertisers all running ads that link to with some sort of ?ref=advertisername tracking code?

The answer apparently, is that direct links from Adsense using affiliate tracking codes are in the firing line.

For the moment at least, having an affiliate site and an Adwords campaign to that site, is still ok, so long as the Adwords guidelines are adhered to.

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