- Calacanis in Blog Spam Scandal

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Comment Spam not from me… BzzAgent and WOMMA taking the low road?
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Jason Calacanis is in a bit of hot water over his newly formed - A kind of self appointed watchdog for bloggers (perish the thought..)

Turns out that some cheeky bugger is running a bot making blog spam comments about his latest pet hates Womma and BzzAgent

It's kiiler funny, but i cant beleive it's him so fair play eh? lol...


Spammed Me

blacklisted it...

Not police, and sorry for spam

>> A kind of self appointed watchdog for
>> bloggers (perish the thought..

NOTE: We are not going to be a watchdog organization if we do this. The concept is that we will not tell anyone what to do, we will simply be a group of blog *publishers* who want to say "these are the rules we use for dealing with advertising."

People can join, but they are welcome to ignore it. :-)

On the spam issue... very sorry to anyone who got spammed by these idiots.

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