Google Needs To Clean House


Yet another story associating G$ with child porn, this time from the Brazil/Orkut end of things. Google seems to be saying that they don't have to comply with brazilian requests because the info is on US servers.

I hope someone at G$ wakes up real soon and develops some hard core solutions to cleaning up its act in this area. A few more incidents like this and the brand is in the toilet. Maybe dedicate that 20% time to a good scrubbing of their servers/policies.

Bloomberg article


Better response

If they were looking for personal information or something else that's not consistent between countries, their response would have been appropriate.

In this case however they were being asked to assist with something that's universally despised and illegal. So perhaps instead of throwing up the wall of corporate beauracracy, they should have pulled a Matt Cutts and played straight up. A better response would have been 'I'm on the phone *right now* to head office and we're going to assist you however we can with this issue'.

Nobody buys the fact that you can absolve your responsibility by claiming that you're not the same company. They actually said 'parent' company, but it's clear to me that the intent was 'that ain't us'. Wrong. it is you.

That isn't "yet another"

That isn't "yet another" story. It's the same old one which was reported months ago. This is just the follow up court case.

Mind you, MySpace has been more ocoperative than Google on these issues.

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