Fasthosts Bought By 1 & 1's Parent Co.


The Register are reporting that top UK hosting company Fasthosts have just been bought by German ISP United Internet AG (Owners of 1 & 1).

Full story here.


could you get two more

could you get two more different hosting companies?
Fast hosts are all about sticking boxes in racks and plugging pipes in. They are cheap on bandwidth and their up time and support and what you would expect to get from a low - negative margin company.
1 & 1 are a huge company with massive ISP redundancy and connectivity.
They are not cheap and for most webmasters no where near flexible enough.

As long as they don't talk with each other they'll cover the market well, if 1 & 1 start to get too involved everyone will stair tearing their hair out as they are just too far apart

Scrape Hosts

I thought Fast Hosts were all about scrapers via, which hammers my site on a daily basis.

Didn't know they were actually used for anything else.

1and1 are good value for ded boxes

These boxes are in Germany

These boxes are in Germany aren't they?
I don't think it counts if the server is not in the country you are buying for. If that was the case you'd have to compare the price to US hosts

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