Andy is Blue Over the Color Purple


Andy Hagans recently started ranking in Google for a generic term and wonders how long it will take for the long tail term to follow:

The page isn't currently ranking in the top 100 on a search for purple widgets. I do expect it to pop out, as, like I said, the site is only semi-sandboxed, and this particular page has all of those legit, relevant, themed links.

But here's the kicker: the page ranks #11 now on a search for just purple! LBB readers... wtf? You got any explanation?


Who is Andy Hagans?

Who is Andy Hagans?

Speaking of which, who is Brain Thibault?

Let's rank this page for

Brian Thibault

! :-)

haha, thanks i need all the

haha, thanks i need all the help i can get

This is actually becoming common place...

I have noticed it across a large number of keywords. Essentially, anchor-targeted SEO on new sites results in that particular term being sandboxed (if that is the appropriate term). On the otherhand, other terms that are not targeted which are a part of this term perform well because they are naturally included in the on-page SEO.

It makes sense. It is all part of the trusted-domain phenomenon that Google has been showing heavily over the past few weeks (see SEOBlackhat's comments on "doorway pages are back"). On-page SEO is resulting in stronger results and off-page SEO seems to be bringing on the sandbox.

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