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I clicked on a google search result for homeowners insurance and found a news site with the page title of "Are you paying too much for your homeowners insurance?"

Instead of finding a news story on insurance, I found this:

I understand why they are doing it, but that doesn't sit right with me. I'm sure it happens all the time, but it seems that news sites for news stations need to report news, not feed me into an ad.


Turning over a new leaf?

Since when do news and media outlets report the news instead of thinly veiled opinion pieces or 'human interest' stories? This is new.

The media is full of attention whores out for a buck, hypocritically they claim the opposite. The only thing surprising about this is that it's not porn they're promoting.

So yes, it seems to me too that the media should report news. I'm still waiting for that to happen.

(edited to add: what's next? ads on threadwatch? :) ).

Well, that's the thing, even

Well, that's the thing, even in a 'human interest story' there might be something you can learn from it.

I guess I thought I'd find a report on someone who got ripped off with tips at the end of how you can lower your insurance premium. I didn't even see that much..just an ad.

It just took me by surprise that they didn't even *try* to conceal it.

Investigative Journalism

Today, investigative journalism = "hey, someone investigate how much we could charge to treat someone's ads like content!"

Just curious - is [homeowners insurance] the query you used? I couldn't find that site in the first 100 results for that query (unless I restricted the query to that site). The page is pretty heavily linked-to across that site, so I was wondering how it was really performing.

well you can only trust Fox

well you can only trust Fox News if you start watching AFTER you have a frontal lobotomy.

I still think Google is walking on thin ice with balancing the spam mass. As they kill off certain publishing models spam content models look more attractive.

the effects of transparency

I have seen clues here and there for a few years now, that suggest certain media outlets are whoring themselves out to the online ad spend faster than might be sustainable. I think most of us have seen the headlines shift towards SEO-style 's, and we all know where competitive optimization will lead sooner or later (where's the news?). It may just be the same outlets that never really knew where their IT dollars were going when they built websites.

I liked this article for the way it separates durable styles of writing from narrative styles. We all seem to enoy the casual ease of reading the narrative styles of the new web, yet here is a new durable style (SEO style) being imposed upon that for commercial reasons.

If you ask me, someday the good journalists will realize that you can charge for content that is well-written and reported fairly with due diligence. However, I am not as sure that enough people will be willing to pay for it, let alone recognize it.

traditional media mostly dead

Traditional media is mostly dead, thus the need for alternate revenue streams. Craigslist has kicked the living crap out of a lot of the newspapers' revenue streams. There was a rant a while back about the millions that site has taken from the San Fran daily paper, and that's only one example.

TV media isn't far behind. As soon as we have viable streaming media online the cable company's bill will be going unpaid and there goes GM/Coke/Godaddy's ad money from CNN.

(edited to add: what's next?

(edited to add: what's next? ads on threadwatch? :) ).

The dudes owning it are loaded already. :) No sense to add them.

The dudes owning it are

The dudes owning it are loaded already. :) No sense to add them.

I think DaveN probably is, but I wouldn't consider myself loaded.

We have turned down most potential advertisers because we didn't think the fit was well. I am fine with this site being a place where I can learn and chat and have fun even if it does not make tons of money.

We want to do some updates, but Dave and I both keep taking on doing way more stuff than we should.


You're rich with friends :).

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