Microsoft Celebrity Endorsed Maps


MSN is trying to breath life into their maps product by using celebrity endorsements for their favorite locations. They probably would have got some good buzz with it if they could have got Paris Hilton to sign up.

Some of their features, like adding push pins, are pretty useful. A shame that you need to login to their system to send that information to anyone / make the feature useful. That required login shit and lack of support for other browsers / systems will be the thing that ensures the death of Microsoft.


I like how the Stacey

I like how the Stacey Kiebler page on the Microsoft Maps promo points to MSN Search results for Stacey Kiebler. What I like even more is the porn site currently occupying a pretty prominent position in the results for that query.

If you are going to do a promo, feel free to clean up the SERPs you are pointing it at.

I am not sure what is better

I am not sure what is better in MSN's Stacey Kiebler results...

the MSN description for #10

Stacy Keibler exposing her sweet ass in two nice galleries

or the content in #1

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stacy s tacy st acy sta cy stac y stacy stacy keibler k eibler ke ibler kei bler keib ler keibl er keible r keibler keibler
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ctacy ztacy sdacy staicy steicy stecy stocy stucy sticy stacky staty staky stasy stazy staqy stacai stacay staci stacu ceibler ckeibler qeibler kiibler keeibler kaeibler keaibler kaibler kabler keabler keebler keiebler keeebler keabler keeabler keybler keipler keiblir keibleer keiblaer keiblear keiblar

what a bunch of jokers

Actually, you don't need to

Actually, you don't need to login to share pushpins. Once you set up pushpins by right clicking and typing, just click the permalink button. The pushpin info is embedded in the permalink URL, no need to sign in. Just pass along the URL.

Example URL:

Not the shortest URL, but this is a hell of a lot easier than dealing with API keys, don't you think?

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