Microsoft Buys DeepMetrix

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Via WMW comes news that in response to Google buying Urchin Microsoft has purchased DeepMetrix.

The one-stop-shop experience of Microsoft adCenter will allow advertisers to track ad campaign performance and report results in a holistic and measurable way. In response to advertiser feedback, Microsoft has not only built adCenter to deliver innovative reporting capabilities, but also will announce that it had acquired DeepMetrix Corp., a privately held provider of Web analytics and business intelligence tools for online marketers and publishers. Expanding upon DeepMetrix technologies such as LiveSTATS.BIZ, Microsoft will deliver new Web analytics applications in future releases of Microsoft adCenter.

Where is Yahoo! at with their analytics product already?


you know, I can't believe it

you know, I can't believe it has taken big search this long to figure out that metrics are important. This shoudl have been happening in 1999

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