Late Night With Microsoft, Starring Tom Arnold

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Microsoft is making another foray into online web entertainment via a series of short form shows entitled MSN Originals. From Business 2.0:

It is teaming up with TV producer Ben Silverman to create a slate of short-form shows to be called MSN Originals (even if the name is not), including one starring Tom Arnold. Other deals will follow.

Paid Content also notes that Microsoft is working on a user-generated content initiative entitled Warhol (apparently an allusion to Warhol's comment regarding 15 minutes of fame).


Is it just me...

... or does this all look like grasping for straws?

Amazon and Yahoo already do the original content thing. Everybody and their grandma is aiming for UGM/UGC. Has MSFT ever had an original idea?

(Sorry to sound so grumpy.) :-)

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