Got an old skool email addy? Dump it FAST!

I am one of those geeks who has been on the Internet before it was capitalized. Back when it was non-commercial. Back when there was no such thing as email, and we used tty mesg commands to "message" our friends at other universities. In a moment, I'll be asking for help finding a term more offensive than fukwit...

Sicne I've been online since the first zero day exploit, I have an old-skool email address from one of the very first large ISPs. Had it for something like 13 years. It outlasted 3 ISPs, yet the domain miraculously was nurtured by each successive buyer and persists. Old skool cool.

Now, Congress is trying to pass a bill that requires ISPs to save all user data (emails, surfing traffic, *everything*) until 1 year AFTER THE ACCOUNT IS CLOSED. For me, that means that my private ISP-based email addy ISP will be a worse privacy gaping-freaking-hole than a GMail account, keeping everything about me forever, as long as I keep that email addy (plus one year).

Just when you thought they couldn't get any stupider, along comes Representative Diana DeGette of Colorado.

As usual it's cloaked as protecting children (PDF), it's from a republican, and it violates our privacy rights in an ass-backwards way: those you know best are more highly scrutinized, while those who fly-by-night avoid scrutiny. Chalk up another one for congress in the "effective use of grey matter" department.

I cannot seem to find a good term for these people... fukwits, morons, asshats : all far too forgiving. Irresponsible, ignorant, stoopid, dumb : I need something more vivid. C'mon, help me out here. What exactly does describe Representative Diana DeGette of Colorado??


just watch ...

all the isp's start moving their "email provider subsidiaries" offshore.

not much bandwidth required for email.

so, they end up pushing *all* email out of legal reach. not exactly what was intended.

the alternative is to quit providing email, or buy more storage.

a *lot* more storage.

buying EMC stock comes to mind as a valid response.

filing freedom of information requests for all elected and appointed officials might be fun too. they certainly can't respond that the archives don't exist.

Dickheads & Muppets

'Dickhead' is one of my favorites.
'Muppet' is pretty seriously stupid

Does it have to be short?

I like that line from Myra Breckenridge: "You unmitigated piece of shit"

Dave knows a nice and short word....

...but it's not my place to divulge it. :-]

But where will the ISPs store your data? Somewhere on the web? Maybe they'll just forward all your mail to

hehehe {goes off to check}


comes to mind