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In many ways it seems as though Google and Amazon are the best of buddies, but they also compete in many markets. Alexa search recently switched to being powered by Windows Live. A9 is still powered by Google though.

Could this be a sign of changes to come?

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I am working with them from 6 mounts and have very good results with very high CPC.

They also provide products ads.

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Even if you've been a member here for 8 weeks, spamming a TW and a TW editors blog in the same day with the exact same comment generally isn't a good idea.

However the 57,000 other places you spammed weren't as on the ball I guess

6 mounts?

Nothing worse than an illiterate spammer.

Send him to my blog, we lynch spammers.

Come on GW, don't inflate the results, you forgot to put quotes around it as Google only shows about 140 spams.


Send him to my blog, we lynch spammers.

Did I hear someone say lunch? And spam?


Different results...

... in FF and IE. Please, see the picture

I am seeing MSN on A9 right

I am seeing MSN on A9 right now as well. Looks like it just got a bit more profitable to generate ecommerce spam sites, as MSN loves ranking spam and Amazon has to have a ton of ecommerce traffic searching for stuff.

I might be blind, but I don't see AdSense ads on, IMDB or A9 right now...wonder what MSN had to pay to get them to drop that high margin revenue stream, or if Amazon is getting ready to start their own program.

"I don't see AdSense ads on

"I don't see AdSense ads on, IMDB or A9 right now"

Me niether... wonder if we're going to see some AdCenter popping in these locations. Or is MSN going to start serving Kanoodle ads here until AdCenter is ready for contextual?

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